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I'm sorry i was trying to. I gotta hear william brinkman three thirty three thirty three from front royal virginia about this man. Did you turn your speakers up again because it's just no bad today. i don't know why it's just. It's worse than normal. Well yes but you were. Those new headphones were supposedly Correcting this issue no. It's it's on your end that my headphones have nothing to do with your speakers or too loud. it's coming through when i'm talking and it should not notice that but that really doubted affect their lower lower than usual. Yeah here lower than usual. I can barely hear him. Okay hold on. Let me just the gate. That's the only recourse okay. Hopefully i didn't cut you out. All right we return in morning. Gentlemen says william brinkman from front royal. Virginia my wife. And i been listening to your show for a couple of months after getting hit in the mouth for my sister and brother-in-law. This is my first donation so please take spend deed. -duced kris bergstrom from elk river minnesota. Three thirty three thirty three. It's the executive producer ship. Everybody should try at least once in their life. He says hey me again no jingles. No karma love is lit. Love you for that chris. Danny baugh boot. That's a name. Everybody a pennsylvania breath thirty three thirty three another one of the fabulous executive producers part in the producer. Drive for twenty twenty one. It am thirty-three showing up every last couple of months with a haunting j. c. d. Donate chant echoing in my head to it's time to donate some treasure as always incredible deconstruction. The mainstream going on. Please give an f cancer. My sister theresa respect we much or long reverend al cut from my mother kathy and my brother dom biden. Get the shot no to a lot of stuff here. We love is lead. Danny butch okay so I can do most of this. Not everything but i can do most of it. No we came from was that That was wrong. You've got ta harm lose winner at goes next on the list of thirty three from sir. Echo instant on behalf of the good work being done by serb ryan of london. Okay so this on behalf so this probably a switcheroo i'd say. What do you think sir. Brian has been working hard expanding. Access to the v. four v. streaming sat service podcast listeners. Now by sats with the hive cryptocurrency a decentralized resistant in battle-tested blockchain community which is already fought off a chinese attack I have is an anarchy go syndicate syndicate delist syndicalist syndicalist is an anarchist syndicalist. Commune to support this great work. The community on hive is partially funding. It from the hive autonomous organization All code keep talking to the germans to celebrate combining hive and bitcoin lightning for value for value on podcasting two point. Oh but guessing two point. Oh is the cutting edge of what's possible and the proof is in its grows and acceptance while the integral integrating with the decentralized communities. Okay if you say so you there. Yeah i'm i'm waiting for you to read the last line. That was my last lau. Thank you brian. Thank you podfather. Thank you all the devs. Podcast index dot social and freedom. Loving people everywhere. I will The code i will. I will decode the code. Podcast in two point. Oh streaming payments now a work with hive an alternative Cryptocurrency and he and this. That was a bridge sir. Brian of london built. And he's really happy about it. Because i guess our echo is is benefiting or just happy with the progress. We love that has used this system. Have i used the system. Yes it's quite good actually system we use it for podcasting two point. Oh for the that. Podcast is quite good. But i have not used high. I have not used. If you're asking no no no. No i have no one. I don't understand high vidal. All i know is i have high power which means i can do something you do the next one that i'll get to see if there's emails from these guys sure shoshana benson smithville texas to three thirteen forty. Hey guys this donation makes me a damn dame. Hello let it be known to all that. I am That i am of the lost pines of texas feel like i'm worthy of a d. Douching you sure are spent deduce jason. She says is still do special. And says the rest of this notice for atom here comes. I'm sure you've heard the scorpions somehow. Come up the drains. Yes although the scorpions have not returned since a. We dealt with them. Make sure to turn the lights on and check the tortoise before you sit hell. Yeah if i go to the bathroom at night i take my phone with me. I flip on the flashlight. A chick. I don't want anyone climbing underpants when i'm sitting on the toilet or anything else happening down there and she sent me a picture. Send us a picture of her dog chewy chewy thirteen year. Old red black mouth cur. Now that you're in the country you need a good country dog. Great companion dealer addressed to a timber rattler a couple a couple coral snakes. He's been. He's been bitten multiple times by copperhead snakes and alert us to scorpions in the house. He's a champion all round great texas. Doug well. I know we need to do for that then. i'd like to start a damehood donation for levi. Riley rose mccollum the beautiful young lady whose father was killed in afghanistan who was born this week. I'm hoping that nine other people will help tonight. This beauty while sean. That's a great thing. And maybe you can get a no agenda social dot com and coordinate that and so here is the karma for your.

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