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We don't go Texaco looking dude fucking her, I should like or or or or good looking dude, right? It doesn't. It doesn't work that way, but Lyle Lovett probably pounded some sweet tale back in the day because he was fun word Julius. So it works that way. You see what I'm saying? So Pete, we'll be able to take this to the pussy Bank and fucking make withdrawal. Yeah. Yeah. And by the way she should be saying to him, you're welcome. I'm doing your favorite treasury bond is about to mature, not even. Yeah, you you've been you now for least decade get the bang chicks at a way hotter than you because I set a precedent which is again, didn't get Whoopi Goldberg any of the thunder from down under she was done. Right? Sure. Okay, makes sense. That's the way we work, but I wonder how much of this has to do with all the pre-nup post NUP top because remember we talked about Bieber and he didn't want one and everyone's freaking out. And then we said, well, Arianna, she's absolutely getting one. So who got in her ear when it was time to sign that paperwork and say, what are you doing? You really going to do this. Who knows? I'm the speculating about dudes are crazy, and chicks you're crazy is it's it's fun. It's like it's a weekend pass at amusement park, but some point you think about moving into the Matterhorn for moving into the camera to the Caribbean and you like, I don't wanna eat cotton candy and hear people screaming, get splash run and people go. But it's great right. Well, it's like a weekend pass full time. I think people start realizing that nuts is super spontaneous, the sexist great, like everything's fun at the beginning. And then when it goes fulltime every dude goes to that you, we all had a girlfriend who's been crazy. It's great for. Yeah, but that's just a song, man, I'm talking about real life. You know, based on like everybody's had a crazy girlfriend or something like that or boyfriend and and it, and it's fun for a little while, but you're right, you get to certain age. I'm not saying there of that certain age, but you wanna move in. You want, you know, it's area. I'm married now I have a little girl, so it's like those philandering days are gone, but they existed and you grow up, you know? Sure. Yeah. I guess you have opportunities when you're in a band. Your the trophy wife for the black Crowes. All right. Well, p should be on suicide, watch man because he's not going to. He's not going to be happy. I also wonder if if this is a manic depressive issue, if when your manic you're, you're up, you're feeling good. You sweep everyone up with you in that, like sort of fun tornado. And then when you drop, you drop hard. And I don't know if maybe she's never seen that come down who knows definition of Pylos ter- so pilots don't really look more like like the foundation of a case on or pile. It looks like you put it up against a wall, and it kinda kinda holds the wall up. Warm place? Yeah, I didn't think I'm not saying it's the same thing. What's the difference between is a pilot or not? It is the same pylon pile. Very, this look just thinking about foundations that's all an retiring retaining or well, you guys were some knowledge. Uh-huh. Brian, I do have Germany or Florida right now. Well, we do tend to play long before. Which I need you a different story. I, I'll right. Land is this fucked up story from, let's play Germany. Or florida. All right. Here we go. Twenty two year old was arrested for allegedly pelting..

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