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Right, rock many issues many times today, Henry Aaron passed away. We have all the experts that have set all the connections he has with Cincinnati, the first major league pitcher he faced. In the major leagues and 19. 54 was Joe Nuxhall. Really? I did not know that you made his major league debut against Joe Nuxhall in April. 1954. He went over five by the way. Your left hander got hit. He got hit number 3000 at Crosley Field. In May of 1970. He hit the home run here in April, the fourth on Marty's first game. I just got a bad connection about her connections. That's right here, everything in Cincinnati, By the way, the Hall of Famer will join us on the Iraqi show 4 30 today about it, and then on the field. They stopped the game. You were too young to recall. They stopped the game when you're born yet. No, that was born 1980. They stuff 1980. They stopped the game. Bowie Kuhn comes on in the field. They commit the commish and there's Pete Rose, Johnny bench. But Tony Perez, Joe Morgan Dusty Baker, who was on the on deck circle when Henry and hit the home run on they did this big ceremony. Henry kept looking like Let's play baseball and they lost the game and extra innings P rose in the 12th inning or 11th inning was on second base, and there was a wild pitch and somehow P Rose scored from second to have a little pitch and I'm listening. And Toledo I came back from court. I was a bailiff in law school, and I'm listening. Driving up, Bancroft. You get home about 4 35 o'clock, and I'm listen to this guy in the first time I heard him. I said, damn, He sounds pretty good. That's not Al Michaels, who is that? I never gave the name and he's all excited at the end of the game. Pete Rose has scored from second base, and this ring belongs to the red. I'm going What the hell's that guy? This is Marty. Brenda. Hang. Good morning. Who is that guy? It's s O. That was it brings back the memories goes Henry and died today at the age of 86 about that, But what couple issues? Yeah, but he got I got many but the inquiry. I'm trying to stay positive. Like, Don't get pissed off. I'm getting pissed off. Good. There is a Twitter war going on betraying Chris Seelbach and dusty roads. The American dream. Dusty Rhodes, who's a traditional Democrat, may I say, takes umbrage of the idea that Joe Biden is now gotten rid of all the rules and regulations about transgender rights or whatever. And now, if you identify as a female or identifies a male Not having gone through the surgery. But if you just identify you can suffer no discrimination on joining sports teams, Leagues bathroom, use whatever it might be. And so now, Dusty Rhodes is expressed a more traditional viewpoint. About young males and young females. There is a difference, and Chris Seelbach has dropped the F bomb on Twitter. Bunch of other things calling, Dusty rose every no answer. He just resorted to cursing, so there's not. I mean, there is that that's that's a real issue, right? If you're a Suburban woman who voted for Joe Biden. How are you going to feel when your daughter loses all out on a college scholarship toe Miami Because it was now given to someone who identifies as male of identifies as a woman. What do you do when your niece doesn't make the high school track team Because a male identifies now is a woman now takes us spot. And what are you doing? Some 21 year old and Xavier, you see the hits the ball out of sight and golf. Unlike many sports and golf, you can make a living. And so what happens if he says you know what I'm driving about Threat and 25 yards. I can't quite make it on the tour but identifies a woman. I want to play LPGA. Now, what do you do? It's not gonna do much for women's rights to say that Would think a liberal would care about women's rights. I don't think I would They. They're very, very tourney on this issue. But this is a very complicated issue and one that's it makes you kind of like day one of the administration that was like number of three on the priority. Three transgender, all the people that told me odd jobs, a moderate, He's just a moderate guy. Old. Joe's gonna be right down the middle. And I said No, he's not. I'm sure you said no, he's not. No, he's not gonna resist against that wing of the party at all, and There's that we were right. I'm looking to your left and all the information. The Biden administration now says about how difficult we are. The economy could fall into a black hole. That could be a depression coming, okay? So you got asthma. Any is 22 50,000 really good middle class jobs and building the keystone pipeline and building all the walls on the southern border. And that is an important part of economic recovery is construction jobs. Shall we say, infrastructure jobs? First thing he does is far the firearm 11,000 blue collar jobs that On something that goes right through his home state of Pennsylvania. Right now, The Keystone Pipeline begins in Alberta, and they also went through the time and large parts of it. You just build the pipeline instead of transporting it by truck, or by rail, which has collisions and rex and cost involved. This is a pipeline once it's built you simply Speck of turning on and what happens, Energy prices were paying $2 instead of four. And that's the thing not only of the jobs lost, but the oil is still going to get transferred from point A to point B. It's just like you said, expensive. So why are we doing this? The result is still the same. If you hate fossil fuels, the fossil fuels aren't going where it's just gonna Cut a bunch of jobs in a more if we want to be more dependent on Saudi Arabia, right? That's what we need. Did you think the average person other knows that under Trump? We became energy independent. Do you think they know the polling says about 15 Day? 18% know that most don't know it. Goes, It's not. It's not publicize is an accomplishment because it was an accomplishment. And if it's an accomplishment under Trump, we don't talk about it. Speak about Quincy. This is the one that has me. Probably the most upset. You might have seen this. So the World Health Organization yesterday comes out and says, Oh, wait a minute. These PCR tests Right that we've been given people that have resulted in all these staggeringly high numbers that have because of that we've shut down the country from sea to shining sea right people out of jobs. Small business people out of jobs. Restaurants have gone under. Father. Those PCR tests. They aren't that accurate. They're actually show. You know, they can't tell the difference. I guess between one of Iris is dead and inactive in someone, someone who may have had the virus three months ago, it's still in their system That's coming up is a positive test versus Someone who actually has its activities. Still, Beacon could be communicable. It's called inert. Strange if you have entered strains, which will not cause difficulty, nor can you communicate the virus is not enough load. That test positive when it's not another words, you everyone has viruses. But if it's in a jury is when you want to know about it. But the PCR test was the gold standard of determining whether not someone was positive. There's 25 million cases, supposedly in America of positive test, which is a slice of the 100 million that supposedly have it, But now the test to determine that Not accurate, but how many people are have lost jobs lost livelihood. That's standard. I test that now, all of a sudden, shockingly the day after the election is now deemed not credible. Is that a coincidence? No people should be pissed off about this. How many people have lost jobs in the country has been in ruin. Based on this test that was supposed to be the gold standard, and actually, it's the worst standard. Well, we also have the situation where the National Guard Which was 26,000%. When one a fraction of that maybe was required. Once you put up the fence and fences or they are bad, right? You can't build a wall. I get metal, but you put up the fence the barrier in the barbed wire. Not too many. You're going to scale the fence it don't you don't need 26,000. But it was kind of like a nephew to trump supporters. Look at what you've done to us. You've done because of you knuckle dragging idiots. Look what you've done to us. Send 26 6000, And now she's gone. Sleeping in the parking lot. Someone thought at the time and I'm gonna have bread Bread win Strip on Sunday night to talk about He's in the national No, he's in the reserves said somebody say Okay, we got 26,000 young men and.

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