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First in gold on the sack, guilt, Joe We'll take a stop in Detroit will preview the lines will do so with long time Detroit talk show host and Michael Stone on the ticket Stony When we first look at the new head football coach in Detroit, everyone's talking about biting off kneecaps. But give me the local perspective. How do you view Dan Campbell so far? The players love them. They love his staff. He's got great enthusiasm, and, uh, it's you know, trial by error. I think people are somewhat excited just to have something different here because Last well Historically, it's always been there, but the last after Quentin Patricia, it's been awful. So, yeah, I think people are excited, but mostly if he can coach Get a college vibe from him If I'm being honest with you Yeah, but you know what? For this team, you remember, It's not that he's just coming off out of nowhere. He did, you know Did a decent job as an interim in Miami and what I like about him. The most I think is that his ego does not allow him, uh, to think he's better than anyone else. Look at the staff he assembled. I mean, A lot of former players, and I think the current players like that being coached by guys like you know. Aaron Glenn, Antwaan Randle Oil, Mark Brunell. Guys like that, Anthony limbs So I think that part is good. Michael Stone here with us on the Zack help show. When the hired was made. It was a surprise to us. Was it a surprise to you guys? Did you hear something close to the announcer that it was going to be Dan Campbell? No. Well right around the announcement. The word leak, But yeah, it was pretty much surprised. The kind of thought the other Campbell Matt Campbell was me higher rated than than Dan Campbell. Yes. So it was. It was definitely surprised. But you know what? A new administration they went through a whole different vetting out process. Look, nothing has worked for this organization for so long, So why not try something now let's get to the next down. Stony When we get to Jared Golf, a lot of people just assume okay, he'll be there for a year or two. And then that's it. Do you think he's got a shot to really prove people and be one day the franchise quarterback for this organization? He has a shot. I don't think it's going to happen. I just don't think He's that good. I mean, I think you'd be fine. I'm not trying to, you know. He's not going to be a good quarterback, I think, but the future is not with, uh with him. I think the future is somebody is probably playing college football right now. Hopefully, but that doesn't mean that he's going to be horrible. He has one playoff games, something that we haven't had here from my previous quarterback, and he has been to a Super Bowl, something that never happened here. I think with this current roster They definitely need more weapons. He's got really nobody to throw two. With the exception of TJ Hockenson you look at the running back room. I like DeAndre Swift. Jamal Williams is an intriguing Peace to this team. Potentially how about the running backs in Detroit? You basically send up two of them. Although I had a kid that called up basically just showed up on Friday night, Reynolds. He introduced himself to his team and like the huddle basically had a pretty good game. I don't you know you have pre season goes Yeah, they're running game is not much to, you know, get excited about the you know the kid Jefferson from Oregon State, or they drafted in the seventh round. They have some Hopes for him. But, yeah, they could definitely use another. Although you know if the offensive line plays as well as they expect the holes are there anybody can run through them, But, yeah, their offense is going to be weak. Would have been the early reviews of penicillin, the first round pick at Oregon. They love them in practice. His first game had played for a while. He got bull rushed by Greg Rusol gave up a fact. But the word is that was Vitalize problem. The guards kind of basically put them Put him at the dry on that play, but it's a work in progress because he's playing, you know, and played in a while it played left tackle at Oregon. Now he's playing by tackle. It's still potentially the best position on the team. Is that offensive line with rag now, school decker Jonah Jackson did a pretty good job to last year. Gallipoli Body Vie Tie I did cover the Eagles for a little bit, so I'm all versed in his name. Yeah, I won't try to. I won't try to pronounce it. Let's get to the next down Michael Stone Stoney here with us from the ticket in Detroit as we preview the Detroit Lions Jeff Fukuda. Number one was not great. Obviously. What are you going to think Lions fans will see out of him in year two. Think they'll see from what we've seen in practice. He's been very aggressive, like the new system. Uh, like the positive attitude from the coaching staff, I think they were all especially defensively, just beat down by patrician company last year. Was not tested at all in the first preseason game, but obviously he's not when you're drafted three, which I don't think you can ever draft a cornerback degree, But that's not his fault. I think he'll be much better if he was really good at Ohio State. During that time two years ago, and I know Stafford was still on the team. Were you kind of pounded the desks basically saying, Okay, they've got to go draft a quarterback with that third overall pick yet Herbert on the board. And also to a tongue of buy low on on the board to I was a tour guy. I mean, nothing against Herbert. I just thought they needed a quarterback. Let them sit for a year and staff was good. You know they can do what they did was Yeah, British. You're obviously if they had two or so or Herbert, they wouldn't have, you know, gotten golf in return, so they probably will. I've got one draft choice. That too, But, yes, I was one of those because I don't think the team was going anywhere. No. The whole thing was stabbed, but it was just time it was and needed divorce. That.

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