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That got me thinking what was my longest played appearance in regards to pitch count and I mean I gotta be honest with you right so even if you run. The. Count full you fell off one, maybe two pitches you're looking at a seven pitch at-bat that's not out of the ordinary. A lot of players are a lot of guys will do that. If you play long enough if you play travel ball all across the country games in the summer, the fall of the spring, all of the above you're going to have seven eight, nine pitch at-bat. But typically when you hit double digits, you get to eleven twelve that's when things in the dugout start to pick up once again, people start to. Get excited. There's a line there were like come on guy just put the ball in play. Let's get this going. What are we doing here? I mean just square it up either strike out throat and play, and then you get to pitch thirteen, fourteen fifteen and all of a sudden you find yourself on the other side going, hey, you know what? Let's see how long this can go let's see this guy keep throwing it in the zone. Let's see. You keep spoiling good pitches and ultimately it. Let's see how this turns out so. I think my longest at-bat was probably twelve or thirteen pitches. If I have to remember it was down in Texas one summer I think we were in Louisiana happily playing the ace is who was out of Louisiana in the Texas League and it had a twelve thirteen pitch at bat ultimately I think I flew out to right field. Same thing that kid just kept pounding the zone I have fallen off breaking balls and I kept chasing everything that wasn't in the zone because ultimately I didn't want to get called out on close third. Called Third Strike After pitch number twelve wanted to walk I was essentially up there to put the ball in play and if it fell in, it fell in but ultimately, I couldn't even imagine get into nineteen pitches and the record here we have Let's see if I could pull it up. Yes. giants Brandon Belt had twenty one pitch at bat against Angels Pitcher Jamie Berea in two, thousand and eighteen. He had twenty one pitches and it lasted thirteen minutes was the most on record for a plate appearance since they started keeping page counts for specific blade appear it's kind of fascinating. Oh man shout out to Thi-. Bar Winning the battle after nineteen pitches. But I just thought that was fascinating and wanted to bring that up here. Another headline that's recently come out as Justin Timberlake. That's right JT. My man, the entertainer he is investing in the effort to bring a major league baseball team to Nashville Tennessee timberlake says quote I am thrilled to be involved in the movement bring Major League Baseball to the Great State of Tennessee. So basically what I just said, Timberlake, is somebody that's world known huge in the area and the region in the state he supports baseball and all other things other handful of. Investors trying to get a team to Nashville, Tennessee certainly doesn't look like it's going to happen in two, thousand, twenty one or even twenty, twenty two but I do think it's in that conversation of happening soon after depending on if they're able to get enough funding to build a stadium where they going to put it in regards to the city is going to be close to the Titans Stadium are they're going? To do kind of one area of professional sports. That's what Philadelphia does. They have the basketball and hockey arena right next to the baseball and football stadiums they all share kind of one huge extended parking lot. So no matter the event that's taking place there's always enough parking. There's always enough tailgating it's pretty well done. So they need to figure all of that stuff out in Tennessee and in Nashville and ultimately. If, they're going to make a move but having the name and having the image of the of Justin timberlake behind you as you're starting to try to implement baseball is certainly one that I think would benefit you I I mean myself as a thirty one year old millennial. I've grown up with jt from his days back and then sink till now as a movie star all the way back to music here. Having him invest in baseball makes a ton of sense. It's a great investment. We've seen Patrick Mahomes do it here recently sell JT FROM MEMPHIS from. Tennessee. Going home I like it I'm all for it. I think a a major league team in Nashville would be a good thing for major league baseball. I would certainly be a destination I would love to travel to even if the locals aren't filling out the stadium day in and day out, it would be a destination travel trip for the rest of the teams that's for sure and their fan bases. But wrapping up here the second segment I just want to dive through the injuries that. Are taking place across Major League Baseball I'm sure I'm GonNa, Miss One or two here. But keeping you guys updated Justin Turner of the dodgers he could return from the injured list by this weekend What Dave Roberts told us the other day he's been out since August, twenty ninth with a hamstring strain but they're hoping to get him back into the lineup sooner than later you got Robert Guests, woman for the mets multiple times he walked off the field Tuesday night he had to bend over because he was unhurt. Day Riot a day later testing revealed a fractured rib which ended his season. So the injuries continue for New, York and guests. Woman has a fractured rib led to all that pain that we were watching him go through the other night the Blue Jays are trying to get everybody back as well as losing some more people to. The injured list I mean the the names of Boba, Shat Ken Giles. Nate Pearson. Matt. Shoemaker Jordan Romano are all going to be coming off her on the injured list here shortly they placed Rowdy Tellez on the ten day injured list with a right knee strain but Boba Shet came off the I l. and played six innings the other day this week. So he'll be back Ken Giles Giles's close to returning. They expect him you know early next week if not, this weekend Pearson is starting to ramp up. From, right elbow tightness shoemaker starting to ramp up in play catch and long toss remond. Oh, he's the only one that doesn't have a timetable yet. So it looks like Giles's the closest followed by Pearson with Ramana it'll be in the last one to come back from the injured list up there in. TORONTO. Eric Hosmer and Tommy of the Padres, hosmer was removed on Monday after he was hit from a fastball and the hand, he suffered a left index finger fracture broken left index finger Haas on the ten day I l, and could miss anywhere from two to six weeks as the range is very wide there because this looks like it's GonNa be or sounds like it's going to be a pain management issue for Eric Hosmer out there in San Diego. Tommy Fan meanwhile he's making great progress trying to return from surgery to repair a broken bone in his left hand he found himself taking batting practice for the first time Wednesday could be back in the lineup shortly. Then you have Matt. Chapman Marcus Simeon for the Athletics Chapman was held out of any throwing her hidden on Tuesday as he's dealing with right hit tendonitis..

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