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Several hardline. Trump era immigration policies appear headed for the chopping block as president. Joe biden issued more executive orders on tuesday calling for a full review. We get more from suzanne potter. The first order creates a task force to reunite more than six hundred migrant. Children with their parents kids who were caught up in the zero tolerance policy that led to the separation of thousands of families at the border jorges lowry with the american immigration council. Says he hopes biden. We'll go even further. We're also hopeful that the administration will forty families permanent status through legislative changes and also consider the vita with some sort of compensation for the extreme level of arm that they've endured at the hands of the government. The second order requires a review of the central american minors program and of the remain in mexico policy that has forced asylum seekers to remain south of the border while their us immigration cases wind through the system. The third executive order prompts a review of the public charge policy which makes it harder for immigrants in the us legally to get a green card if they'd ever received public benefits cnn reports two f. b. i. Agents were fatally shot and three agents wounded in a shootout as they executed a search warrant in sunrise. Florida the fbi. Send a statement. The subject of the warrant is dead. The shooting occurred around six of the morning. Team of law enforcement officers executed. A federal court ordered search warrant as part of a violent crimes against children case and fbi. Specialization george george pierrot sent. The suspect is the one that opened fire. Spiritual and cultural connections to land or among the core beliefs of native americans north dakota advocates feel. They could soon have a federal leader. Who strongly identifies with those beliefs new mexico congresswoman dab holland is awaiting her confirmation vote after being asked by president. Joe biden to serve as interior secretary. Nicole donigi the group. North dakota native. Vote says not only would it be historic to see a native in charge of federal agency to her the nomination brings hope that tribal lands have a defender who sees things through the same lens that understanding of the connection of how indigenous people relate to the land in how we find that conservation isn't important role in in who we are as people she says. The previous administration often failed to consult with tribes when reviving controversial projects. Like the dakota access pipeline holland's nomination has drawn pushback from gop house members and oil and mining heavy districts who urge their senate colleagues to consider her opposition to practices like fracking. I'm mike mohan. The interior department manages more than four million acres of federal and any entrust mineral land in western north dakota this is p. m. s. a coalition is now urging maryland. General assembly to override governor larry hogan veto of a bill to fund a first in the nation state board to make high cross prescription drugs. Were affordable the bill would be a boon for folks over age sixty five who sometimes have a hard time paying for their prescriptions. Hank greenberg state director of aarp maryland says his group has cosponsored a blitz of radio ads to push for the override. He says more than eighty percent of its eight hundred. Sixty thousand members support. Funding the board drug companies skyrocketing prices are pretty lifesaving treatment. That'll reach far too many especially over and airland seeing what's more these outrageously high prices affect all marylanders i raising taxes comes out of pocket costs for everybody. Opponents of hp one six to say lowering drug prices would stop companies from developing new life saving drugs last month. The state senate voted to override the veto and the house. Vote is expected soon. I'm diane bernard young love is supposed to be sweet and fung yet one in three teens. Experiences abuse from a romantic partner february is teen dating violence awareness month. Suzy mcbride leads the peer violence prevention program at defiance high school where the senior says they'll discuss what are known as the red and green flags of dating. You're going show the negative size of a relationship such as like manipulation controlling. You have to show the positives with it too. so what. Communication looks like what trust looks like making crowns with the abuse and rape crisis center in warren. County explains teens. Today are more likely to be abused by their phone than a fist. If a teen scared that they haven't responded quickly when they're dating partner textiles and then that's a problem garage encourages teens and parents to check out the website. Love is respect dot org mary. Sherman reporting finally andrea sears. Tells us if you're looking for a unique gift for valentine's day you might consider giving some peace of mind. The covid pandemic has brought new urgency to the need for end of life. Planning it may seem like an unlikely theme for a song. But the not for profit organization compassion and choices has put its advice to music to encourage people to prepare advanced directives for end of life. care callanan. the group's president hopes he's song will help people find new ways to share messages of empowerment gratitude and the importance of making plans aligned with their personal values and priorities. Valentine's day is a time. When you show your loved one that you care about them and one way to show that you can't is to give the gift of clarity by documenting and discussing rent of life preferences. The compassionate choices website has a plan. Your care section. that's free to use. This is by clifford for public news. Service member and listener supported her great radio stations across the nation and online at public new service dot. Org greta from the hotline newsfeed weather center. Today mostly cloudy skies with light wind. Taina thirty four tonight mostly cloudy with light wind. Low around twenty four. There will be mostly sunny skies on your wednesday with light wind high near forty. That's the latest twitter. Check out more news and weather on our website at hotline newsfeed dot com in the city about Leonard first topic. He is absolutely unknowledgeable. Unguardable so every single time. This guy has the ball and wants to score he does. There's no stopping it doesn't matter if durant's on him it doesn't matter if hardens on him. They tried everything they did. Switches left and right kyri makes to. It's a four point game. one second. The nets win and cover beautiful. Bet today on coast to coast carbon i. How do you like them. Apples with the nets beating the team with the best record in the nba baby uniform shaking hands no fraternizing after the games. Meanwhile kawai morriser hugging. I mean they're virtually kissing at this point every player on the floors high fiving hugging handshaking taking pictures hugging all. Close up talk there. You go harden with morris want less than a foot apart spraying each other with action covert everywhere and variants anyway. Quiet leonard cannot be. Guarded is my point. A he.

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