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We'll cover three on this program. Zia Park Oaks. Folks goes race number eight mile and a sixteenth now There are some issues with a herpes outbreak and Remington Park. So horses at a stable Birmingham Block. Name with Steve Execution Runs May or may not be able to get out there when the handicap. The racist hoping that everybody can work together and get them there But keep in mind that This can change when we come back to you with each race's live on Wednesday and we'll keep you updated via twitter account at Horseshoe Sir at HR and on twitter as to what's going on but as of now you got these races. If these sources are going to be allowed to ship race number eight goes the oaks field of six. Nick speak favorite three to five lady Apple. She's already won a couple of hoax. One REMINGTON wanted Iowa fairy meadows this year lone blemish. I missed really on a car. This year came in the in the Alabama when she finished eighth in the Kentucky Oaks Behind starring the emperors and Laura three to five and deserve to be. She's been well managed this years. You know all I can say they gave it a shot again in the Alabama. After the Nice I awoke score. She's been beating eating on You know the the second and third level Sophomore phillies this hearing when she finds another field here that she looks like she on her normal effort she she may be able to handle. I just I don't like the morning line price and you know while she may win the race. I'm going to have to try and beat her. Richard Baltas has to Phillies in here than before motion. Emotion comes off a neck miss as the favourite in second level allowance at Keeneland and he also has the five harassed. That's that's the one who I'm GONNA go with. She wanted to Mama folks this summer At a Mama Sixteenth. Earning a big a big number beating Jaywalk last year's champion two year old Philly Things went a little bit awry in the in the Castilian when she She tried to rally on the outside. Wasn't good enough to get to St Brand Bandon Vanden Guarani. Who is anything wrong with that? Koran is a top multiple grade one winning filly And then she came back in her first football to awesome and Raven the Raven. Run at Keeneland sprinting. One term where this showed a little bit of early foot but really didn't get into that that sprint gig. She's better to turn she stretching out. Ah back out now. I think she posts a mild upset here prices on the morning one in five to one. She's five to one zero Geraldo just shipping in for a second time. Richard Bolt us yes. She was tough for me to make. I think I think the apple just going to be Too much for these horses. Should she not make it over there. Calf Moon Bay hasn't isn't seasons winning third in Las Virginia's to Bella Fina she ran a couple of good racists she's really been good since Jerry Holland overstretched her out. She was second. She won a couple of times she was third in the last Janice. We haven't seen her for a while. But that amount of sixteenth Jerry's going to get into sources ready brings brings written van Dyken and quite frankly. The apple doesn't ship. I think she's actually the horse to beat. I will take lady apple if she runs Kathleen Bay. If the apple doesn't race number eight is the Zia Park Oaks Race Number Nine Zia Park Championship Japan. Recap older horses get to go nine furlongs more than once around a lot of familiar names here hereditary and Boquila island a couple of former Phipps runners for hall of Famer shook mcgahey We see looking at Lea- runner up in two thousand Seventeen Kentucky Derby to always dreaming those three names. We certainly know field of eleven Kevin Wide. Open race here for the championship. Yeah I thought Tana ways you could go in this race. I ended up going with the old fips. mcgahey Horse Island. The number seven seems to be easiest specialists two for three with a second Three starts here He's he's been really good. He'll be facing a bunch of here but he beat a couple of these already and he answers this off the the prep went for this earned a career best. Buy A number I'm not gonNA the buck that trend here. I think he's in great form and I'm GonNa give him a shot at ninety two on the morning line bottom number seven Buki Ilya Island really. I'll want the old sugar. I'm taking a very interesting. He seems to like it here. I thought ought Lee can win if he ships. I thought Mr Benn's can win. I know happen to Mr Benn's last time unfortified but I like betting horses four five against horses in the race that they find a way to come back and win. Mr Benn's can win. I think restrained revenge Benjamin Wynn even though he's coming off the turf he's run. Okay on in some dirt efforts Is the most recent in acres. The neck We'll take a look. Yeah I think downtown Eric and Wendy which we're about downtown and Mr Benn's they both race previously for called Broberg. They've actually improved the little bits over. I I think you'll kill you can win I think deputies echo returns to a place where he's done. Some good in the I feel like from February to August layoff needed the few racing to get his feedback under legs back under him and now he has for Nancy Summers. He ran well in this race last year. It'd be just a half length. He ran okay if someone last winter as well And I thought Sky Promise. Either you landed on skype. Promise I see this thing just falling apart and sky. Promise just come running at the end. And that's what I'm GONNA do. I'm gonNA play skype promise. I don't know again if there's a check this out of the seven eight nine ten seven seven eight nine ten point four six seven eight nine ten point five. I WANNA use four or five of them in here But I will make him my topic just hoping that He can think eleven Liam down late. The number eleven sky promise race number ten is the finale. And it's the big one. The two hundred fifty thousand dollars a park derby a mile mile and a sixteenth four the three year olds we get a field of ten Steve. Asmussen holds the big hand in here. Nine tone broke the four bank. It if they can't get in this race becomes a whole lot more wide open. I want to ask listens if they get in the. I thought the nine tone broke Had A big shot chat in here as well but I went for a little bit of a price somewhere else I went with the six. Sleepy is todd who Lost less than two likes to Owen. Dale last time beating the other runner in here the number four bank it I just I like the effort last time. If I went was in his racy would be. You know. odds-on on I think that if sleepy is todd can get to the front I think he could be a big player in here at eight to one on the morning line. I'M GONNA use him okay. I thought I thought the two ASMUSSEN's little ones I wanted You sleepy is todd. Could it could be all right. I think he'd be alright trip in here take trip yeah right off the pace. That wouldn't surprise me. I I don't I don't Guaymi here again. It was tough for me to get past listens. If they get in you see final jeopardy source that we saw east coast for Jason Service most of the year and And now he winds up in the Midwest a couple of races up at Canada a bunch of races of Canada really and now while he ships back down to two the two zero park Yeah I I wanted to ask if not I would definitely give your sleepy eyes taught. Look I'd probably give them a look anyway TO BE HONEST MR moneybags to know Mr moneybags. He was bouncing around those racist in the South at Houston Houston Delta downs. Trying to Pat Day mile took a ton of money in the past they miley went to lead and folded up. He went back to Lonestar round. Well then went to the the Ohio Derby with any stretch he shipped Z.. Cut Back to six furlongs got up lash stride toward the inside now. He stretches back out. It's worked before the sprint. To the stretch out Mr Moneybags for me if the asthma sources do not ship all right all eleven seven races Saturday Sunday Monday Wednesday in the books Ta now for the Niagara Bets. Best bet is.

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