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Okay. So let's see here. Let's I have a question for you and six games left. Branca's charters raiders patriots. Saints Bengals how many wins losses. I told you the only two losses will be against the patriots and the saints. So what does that four wins before and to demonstrate? Yeah. So you'd have them finishing eleven to one. Eleven five and won. See his math is van his eleven four one, right? Math again do that. Math eleven five and won. See his is bad and real eleven four sixteen games. Lancer sixteen games. They can't be eleven five. You're right. My man. Is there? I. I've never claimed the guy that is you that is you Mr.. That's. There were at least. You can count reps better. Yeah. Well. We should maybe we should stick to talking just about football at night. Let's definitely numbers out of it. This game shows will for sure. Five what that's sixteen. Time added that Dan tied. I hope you guys heard that that was pure comedy the end people giving me are time one. Plus when I think, I don't know. I'm giving the dumb jock thing of real some legs here. Some people say laser plane is bad as healers didn't. I. You're my math is bad, man. Undo what a polish I I'm going to make the shift, man. I think I'm going to Comcast direct TV stinks. Something I'm going to that one hundred and fifty megabits per second. I can't take this. Okay. So here we hoof. Now. Let's go. He's a lot of people making fun of us here as we should be made fun of. So let's let's go back and find some questions here. Okay. So. I passed. That says that he said Tomlin said that Anthony tequila had an ankle late on a special teams play said that'll be something to watch especially with the Steelers only carrying three Outside Linebackers. You have to wonder if they would have to make a move. I hope that he would be okay. We'll see. That's definitely a lot of people want to ask about Ryan Switzer. What are your thoughts on Ryan Switzer? I think Moore's a let's be on returner in the NFL anymore is someone that is reliable to catch fair to fair catch the pond and to maybe give you a spark every now. And then there's no more Devon Hesters in the league because he basically taken the kickoff at of the game. So what are your thoughts on Switzerland's receiver with his team? He's a cute little player. But he's not the guy that you wanted to feel you jails Washington view on the field. You want that second round guy that take that step forward and bring the element of being able to stretch the field you want that guy on? Field. He's a guy play RPO type guy. That's what you want him for on offense. I mean, preferably again, you'd rather have James washed out there playing, but let me ask you, Jeff. Why was Jordan Dangerfield playing? Somebody get hurt. I didn't hear them saying thing believe it or not Jordan Dangerfield is in their goal line package and the Steelers to stop the run in the second half played with almost a goal line defense. Type. Look you have to watch it on the all twenty two damage colors come in. I think at they kept mccullers in. But the Jordan Dangerfield actually plays in the Steelers goal line defense. And so they had him out there on specific occasions where they wanted to sell out the stop the run and for the life of me. I still can't believe it at work a goal line defense. She gets shredded down the field and the Jaguars just could they couldn't do it. Which is a good lead into a question that we had the Steelers bad against the run. Do you think that's gonna be issue moving forward? Or is this game? Just a flute. Our don't, but I think it hinges on to its health because a Lou Lou solid guy. Cal player Callum, go cow Bayer's Eluned cheese. Big game got cancelled due to weather. We would've beaten Stanford. But you know, we'll be Stanford next week in Eljay Walton is not good in the interior..

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