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To endure covert issues leading up to the tournament. They were able to move on to the second round, pushing past eastern Washington in a 3 14 matchup, Virginia in a similar position. They could not practice until yesterday, did all of their preparation preparation virtually until yesterday. Had to do back to back covert tests. Everyone coming back negative. And the last test was at 1 30 this morning at an afternoon shoot around and here they are. Mine is just one player. A reserve who went unnamed a starter was not affected. The player tested positive. In the A C C tournament. Virginia up 28 27 over Ohio and the Cavaliers will have the ball shooting to our right. Sam Houser Key. Hey, Clark Train Murphy. The third re Speakman J Hook back on the floor for you. B s And over to the far side, Ohio looking like the Cleveland State bench mob. They're all engaged still high tech to the Vander Plaats three right in the first half buzzer. Virginia ball. Murphy hasn't the hash mark right side pitch it to beat Mint Center court. Now Clark on the left side, the only starter remaining from the 2019 National championship team downloaded. Jay Huffer, who was a reserve on that team. Eight to shoot battling against against Wilson Hook shot with the left is short and the rebound for Jason Preston and Ohio Wilson able to push up a little bit further off the land there times where the half book didn't go. President. Little given Go with Ben Vander Plaats and Vander Plaats has called for an illegal screen offensive foul on a turnover. That's a second Something So. Virginia has it right back. Mark walks into the four corners. Twirls. His left index finger calls the play Sand Hauser on the right wing dribbles with left hand guarded by Vander Plaats. Download Beekman drives the right base line to Huff left elbow house or catch and shoot left side angle. That three is pure. Sam Houser missed his first four threes in the first half. He connects here. It's 31 27 able to get a rhythm, though, because the offense went at the basket kind of inside out attack. Step into that shot Preston with it for Ohio, jabs with the right slides to his right into the corner, guarded by Beekman. Toss it to Wilson, right Baseline Japs with the right foot against tough power move, and he puts it in With the right hand Ohio within 2 31 29. I'm not sure how you should defend that how you can defend them when they just bumped you off the block Wilson's first field goal. He was over three in the first half. Eight men on the right wing for Virginia, two point lead for the Cavaliers. Hauser wants another three right corner. It's off the front of the rim rebound, Dwight Wilson, the third and Ohio right to left. Green jerseys. Black numbers Preston on the right wing. Drop it off the Wilson space in the lane. Kick it out. Vander Plus thought about the three thought better of it again. Speakman Vander Plaats, left handed dribble sleeve on his left arm of black sleeve Preston bullet feet across the floor. It's deflected by Murphy and stolen by Hauser. Virginia left to right, Clark bouncing into the forecourt. Clark gives it to re Speakman down the right baseline backpedals. Give it off to Huff. Touch it to Clark down the left lane line. The uptake against Roger he draws contacted a foul. Virginia little more zip to.

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