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I am they just simply have in had that with him out um off the team pretty much not play last couple of weeks supposed to be coming back after the allstar break and they're going to near big time because like i said i defend been looking extremely bad or i think their wet loss for their last five games lost to the raptors lost of the cavs loss to the pacers and lost to the clippers and they barely beat the wizards in overtime and i mean decorative easily been a losses markieff morris new not to foul kyrie irving on the threepoint line with couple seconds left so yeah that's that's pretty much what's been going on there plus they need they can't score are they can't score consistently they need a top score all right and i think that problem right there stems from the gordon hayward injury okay because you know that's what gordon hayward was supposed to be gordon hayward hayward was supposed to be that player who is supposed to be like that second score on the team that guy pretty much like the last few years with isaiah thomas yeah he was a great score and stuff like that but i mean when play offs came all you have to do is double him and if you take it out they he kicks it out some one i mean you have no one else on the team that could created a shot all right that's what was that was was be different this year with bringing in carrier having or are they wish to actually now i forget are they trade for curry after they got gordon hayward right so yeah they had isaiah thomas still are in and at the time i'm guessing unless somehow are like that whole like how the whole trade went down as far as the celtics getting career in was a bit random acts on members of screwing into toss twitter there in summer and all of a sudden emcee and i see i drew wasn't askes tweet from espn and it's the celtics and cobblers are extremely close for a deal sending careering boss boston all that wait what what do you mean all right but nonetheless yeah they they brought in hayward targets to be the mother square to play with isaiah thomas to take something take a little bit off of his take the.

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