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Ninetythree 81 keiron beach brought nail by twelve head of bruton suwarno on the early season games coming up against stanford and palo alto on monday versus portland in portland on thanksgiving in that either arkansas or oklahoma from friday the tar heels be off a week from saturday and then complain he won over four different teams on sunday on a lot more about that the dow thanksgiving what we know right now is that theo pinson and sterling mainly both had big games and following this one we heard from theo with other reporter stake alone to stamp wars than he planned home i'm glad that this oh we're resilient team um we have a lot of guys that there were some put some guys gave the big live why sterling andrew plagued by gave big big plays towards the hanzo shows that they had the toughness to push through and they have the things happen that led to the point where some one point gain however is there a lot of value in a position in overcoming indefinitely phnom as vetter as me lucane joe we'd been achieved situation so we know what we need to do we gotta pick it up on defense handbook for those younger guys to see what type would that we can relax at all and we can't take any plays off and that could get them battle gabriel easily death this is a huge learn destitution to curb there we can we can approval the result very a person learn new idea uh this is at odds arm when i when i got a fourday they they got a baby and each unopposed nieto buddha twentythree certified do can really play and how these these ribtickler surprise extremely split stretch uh surprised on seconds ruinous a he said yariv he's huge but now by really slate that viagra switching no one knows what would they a gift freshmen in these type of games he was he lost his often again display in on really proud of at southie open said after a career night here tonight 19 points five rebounds six assists nodded attend from the stripe in 33 minutes that helps carolina get the 93 eighty one win over buck nel we'll hear from sterling mainly who had his first career doubledouble 16 points thirteen rebounds are cocacola.

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