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From the australian football league and my man he averages 46 plus and his hang time was stupid and we miss blade at least two yes balls which gave a fill position yes and so when you add up their return yards they had ninety eight west virginia had minus three that's massive and what it eventually did was it forced a starting position for west virginia's first average field position was just terrible the twenty one yard line one twenty one yard line for w view never began a drive from past the twenty seven yardline and that dr didn't come until very late in the game and that's one of the drives a west virginia scored up so people kind of never fully properly respect field position and return yardage they just it doesn't interim people always talk about what was the total yardage what the kid run for what they rush fort while they pass for fine but beside the hind that there's that hidden yardage number which tells you where you're going to start they killed us in that category and there's nothing you can do it's absolutely undefendable fit at when you've got to kick off guy that puts it in the in the end so there's nothing you can do it just kind leg will guess what that's what it is so you got a credit him in then the ponder that kids got a chance man to be ah you know and extremely big time weapon all season long so there you have it average field position for virginia tech in the first quarter was there are thirty the second quarter it was the thirty eight in the third quarter was there thirty six in the fourth quarter it was their 25 and and for the game their average field position start was the thirty three for west virginia your average feel position start was the 21 that's plus twelve yards multiplied by a dozen possessions huge you'd said a couple things there's a lot on packed with what you just said that start with josh jackson because i thought that was where the difference in the game had to be you hit the nail right on the head i thought that virginia tech staff did a fantastic job early of protecting him and not letting him lose the game and then as west virginia's defense wore down and got tired then they started to lose him up a.

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