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Kind of go through in college when you get to that major that real specific then y'all have the same classes it's pretty it's pretty fun so you end up getting drafted you start your pro career with the connecticut son what was it like to transition from being a collegiate player and sort of having this system that felt very i mean i think it's it's intimidating for us all to leave college and go off until the real world you think it helped that you had the structure of joining it another team and continuing that or was there a lot of of a learning curve there in becoming a pro yeah so why i really am thankful that mike people my my first coach was out there because he he come from the nba and so he was on like he was on the lakers coaching staff were they had magic johnson and like i think they won because on this act when they won like two championships and then he was with he'd been in the nba all these years and then he was on his last may job was with the milwaukee bucks to and they made eastern conference finals so with like glenn robinson and rail and and those guys so um so he really took pearl the pro approach so he was just great and like implementing you know how to take your body your diet your workouts like uh going game speed at every workout and um and then he also like freedom you know it's not college and it's not like you have to figure out what routine works for you and all your game day routine or kim hall that goes because a college it's all just set for you and then in the pro you have to figure it out but you still treatable form so i was the ruchiatna team um we had five rookies on the team new kandhari revamping the reactors but i started with katie douglas who.

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