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And he said, and I had never even heard of this position being thing that is one of his new roles in WWE is to come in for the paper views and just make sure the locker rooms where it should be. Wow. And just kind of be that that guy, I don't know of mentor, or motivator is whatever. But just kind of make sure that everybody's bathing themselves in such a way that the industry is in a place where where it's healthy for not only the people that are working in it now, but for the next several generations. Yeah, you gotta check the pulse of every locker you can have things that, you know, if you're not, you know, I know how to deal with a lot of conflict and wrestling because I've been through it as promoter as talent, whatever. So, you know, there could be issues it could be someone that doesn't want to I'm in locker room sometimes where they want wanna do. I don't see too much in the match, but they wanna squeeze in twenty five minutes worth of stuff into an eight minute thing. And that kills a show because I go over time. Then there's times where I meet guys don't wanna do anything in the ring. They don't even want to take a bump. And there there's just a way to kind of check the temperature of a locker room and make the cord different. You you don't want the first match you the same thing as a fourth match and figure out a way where you know, we can deliver the best product that we can. So having a position like that is just super important, man. Yeah. And you find too that maybe getting away from Russell pro and going into these other promotions in realizing that there's this big respect for you. It kind of lets, you know, like, oh, like what I've been doing is being noticed because kind of when you're when you're in your home base, and you don't necessarily you're not necessarily aware fully of the effect that it's having outside. Right. You stay in that wrestle Pro Bowl do and it's like, you're just working towards the next show working towards the neck show. And that mentality of the mentality. You had when you went through the first show and said. You know, people think I'm crazy for doing this kind of sticks with you until you get outside of it and go like, oh people really respect. What's happened here? They do. Well, the ones that pay attention to because there's a lot of locker rooms that go in and I can re- I see that the there's, you know, half the people are aware they'll talk to me about things there. I'm aware of most the talent. When when I when I get booked on a card, I know a lot of the guys in the locker room where their story where the come from where they're going, and I find that the people that I kind of know they're attentive, and they know about me, but there's also half locker room that that's their just their once a month. So I try to finally like minded people. And now that I'm out there. I'm actually trying to get there so much where magic going to bring in a lot more independent talents, wrestle pro. And then also I can compare I tell my locker room, I go pay. This is where we're better. And this is where we're worse. So I kind of go, hey, I saw this at you know, CW or limitless. I saw this at different places. And I think they do this lot better than us where we need to improve. Or it could be like, hey. You guys are doing a great job. Just so, you know, it's not the same out there. But don't stop doing that. We're used to prize, and I say CCW's because you brought it up but say a season w or any promotion like it that would you know?.

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