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What are his suggestion? He doesn't have any. He's a Republican. They don't have any suggestions. He, um He doesn't really I mean, he says, Well, you know, you've gotta he will say you'll have that you have. You should be able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. That's that's That's how the GOP works is that you know ideas. They're presented and they're there to shoot them down unless it involves tax cuts for the rich. He says, reparations or not about helping the black community. It's about getting votes. You want to help the black community and everyone else. Let's just get back to work. Let's get our kids back to school. Let our parents decide which school and get planned Parenthood out of our inner cities. What's what I thought I'd throw that in there for good measure after Huh? Well, hell, I would bet that he would say That Planned Parenthood is for any number of reasons. He doesn't like it because he's conservative, but I think he's probably a person who would say they target black. Women. They want black women to have abortions because you don't want any more black kids born S O. Planned Parenthood is going door to door and asking. Could we give you an abortion? That's not happening. Burge Healthcare that two people that have a hard time finding access. Health care. That's what there. I'm just going to start referring to Burgess by his initials B. Oh, I think that's the way now. I don't want you to watch this video world will end here. I happened to look at it this morning just accidentally. A Boston barber on Beacon Hill. Working in his barbershop. He's lucky to be alive. He walked around. He was he had a pair of scissors in his hand, and he somehow slipped. And fell down and those scissors plunged into his chest. Yeah, himself in the chest, so it's running with scissors. This is why your mother tells you don't run with scissors because that can happen. He's there here. There was another guy there with him and other barber and the guy said Just just stab myself in the chest with my scissors. He's lucky to be alive. It was pretty deep and but they got him help and he's he's recovering. Weather traffic, Gina So not like yesterday at all. There is a slight chance of some isolated showers and pretty cold high of 36 will be ramping. Back up. Some snow looks like said Friday night into Saturday, Better chance of that. Now, whether slash traffic. Um the inner lodge is still in effect. It l to That means people are stuck there and little Cottonwood Canyon that they're still doing. Avalanche mitigation. 56 hours. People have been stuck it l to lodge so don't head over to Little Cottonwood Canyon, which means probably the big Cottonwood Canyon is gonna be a crazy mess of people trying to get skiing. So be aware of that as well. We've got a crash south on I 15 at the 90 itself on rampant, Sandy. That is off to the right shoulder crash. Westbound us are 2 1/30 west. That is a right shoulder affected area also, and in our message stream. Let's see. I thought I saw Yeah, Front of the program says Accident South Bend. I 15 53rd South offering Car slid off the road there. Um, Yeah, Even though we don't have snow this morning, you are going to see some slick conditions if the roadways were wet and froze overnight, So be aware, particularly on and off ramps. That sort of thing. Save up to $190 off Michelin tires with financing options available only your locally owned and operated big O tires. The team you trust Alright. Here we go with Boomer candidate number three all the love and he loves it. He loves it. Russian influencer, a model a woman. Is getting heat for posing naked. On top of an endangered African elephants for an instagram video, according to the Sun, the Russian model ELISA Capital in over 22 years old, posted a short video to Instagram on February, 13th showcasing herself in the nude. On top of a hostess Sumatran elephant. Charity group told the sun that the Russian influence our models use of the elephant in her video shoot was a tragic trivialization. The life of a great animal. According to the daily Star of the Species of Elements from the model posed on is not native to Bali, where she currently lives. A number of elephants in Asia are kept captive to serve the region's tourism industry. In fact, the Sumatran elephant the species of elephant used in the Russian influence model video was designated a critically endangered species by the World Wildlife Fund last year. Oh, but the elephant. He loves it. Boner Candidate number three. All right, let's Let's review the first two in Vote Boomer Candidate number one. Don't make me take away your vaccine. Florida governor wrong the Santas threatening to withhold a covert vaccinations because people are complaining that he's making sure that wealthy donors get special treatment when it comes to vaccination. Owner candidate number two Just leave Alison Kragen alone. She's a fine person, a weather person a terrific person. She was working hard. Somebody sends Her a picture of Is junk as she put it, Leave her alone and Boehner candidate number three. Elephants. He loves it. Okay, that Z. Get the voting. This is round one of your boners. You've got to the side of these three candidates, which one is the worst, Which one deserves to go forward to phone her fighting possibly become bomber of the day. But wins here will go up against the winner of Round two's voting. Round. Two happens at 8 23 more. Three different candidates get a winner there as well. We'll take both winners put them against each other for Boehner Fight at 9 20 this morning. 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