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Which is different than yours what and how is this company interacting however we growing uh how is the ceo thinking about the business how is he thinking about his employees were her employee's um and and that's you can leadership and i think you get a lot of owner ability of visiting those places and out encourage everyone to read her book and i know she talks a lot about empowering women but if you've listened to a few of my shows you've heard me reference representation project and how important it is to understand both sides if you're man or woman if your man i would encourage you almost more than the women to read this book uh and the representation project has two films out on netflixing the mask you live in talks about over stimulation of masculinity for young boys at an early age and our wire frames them to uh for sports film um music all that kind of stuff and a basically explains why a sometimes we act away we do an an on the women's side the film is called misrepresentation am i s s than representation touch more about gender disparity in the challenges associated in a traditional patriarchal or male dominant culture um and and that's at six especially why why enjoy this no other some other notes obviously perseverance for her being a part of the ninety nine women's world cup team um that really change the landscape for women and sports until you've listened to a former guess of mine venus williams as as she was an activist for uh the wage gap between men and women an julie foudy done a lot of.

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