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It also got nasty osher what was the war the worst moment win it almost maybe even king the blow all couple times one time they brought us in the office we'll have a couple of times i think the worst one which has chronicled in the movie is when we were going to good indianaforgame six thembapacersknicks series i believe was in 2000 they played a lot soi may have mig by was game six knicks were they were probably down they were up three to puppy lost so as a maybe 2000ami didn't want to go on the airplane to get indiana playing a kanso had a ethical to washingtonandmike didn't want to go because it was a different scenario coach said for sclasstalbotandi got all annoyed honor now we're not gonna wanna remote mike is you don't want to stop and change plans in dcnowi do a lot of things that draw my crazy tube it is the one i'm gonna pick out since yonder guest opicmike wanted that one of the mike dinner and mike didn't want to go sweden the going and that for whatever the reason really bother me for a period of time so as result i picked danmike a lot in those next two months specifically with scottiepippen who he loved who was on a trailblazers at the time and april that series of lakersif you never quicker engineersvote at at at a nineteen they like a thirteenpoint lead early liberals yeah that a chance they should have one for hip did nothing in a game and i did make about pippenandi'mtanya right then that threemonth period i did not think we are going to make it andi was what 910 years in our relationship nowi'm not going to tell you at this the movie chronicles it soi won't go into detail but that period right tariff what was the worst.

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