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BP. I I didn't even realize because it was seventeen to three and then I'm driving, and then I I'm going through texting back and forth, which I sent you one of these tax. And all of a sudden, you know, I'm trying to keep a tracking turn a game on its twenty four to seventeen. And I'm like, oh my God. I stop what I'm doing. I'm going. Oh my gosh. I can't have Panish in a bad. Everybody does Brian. Everybody knows everybody's Fresno state -panish people got Playtex and the bottom line is boys is a good team. And they made the plays. A we didn't and give them credit, but we're not done. We win this week. We may have a rematch. So and I gotta duck this end because the best was Christianized Saturday night, we go to the starship concert over golden nuggets. So we get out and I'm watching USC Cal now, I take calculus five and a half. And so they're coming back. So I needed that to go six and one on my golden nugget. I mean on my William Hill contest, it's a last week. And so I ended up going forty five and twenty-five Brian. I miss being in the money by one game. That's that's how tough that contest was. But the other game the guy the other TV the guy switching games like, wait. Wait, stop there at San Diego State at home against UNLV. I'm watching unbelievable. So there it is low and behold UNLV's down twenty four to thirteen they score. And I I I I go I gotta get in running. Wagering UNLV is gonna win this game. I just feel it. I'm having a good night. It's fun. And I was nine zero on Saturday and lo and behold UNLV comes back and knocks off the as tax in San Diego. Come on man, Brian. You gotta. I mean that anyone but us there you go. See I mean, it's a next to and give them what five. We'll we'll take with Armani Rogers going down. They get the rat Hawaii, and then they close against remark Reno which is. But we need that Fremont cannon back here. That's what they play for. I was going to ask you Fresno state who is your closest rival there do play for something. Is there any way play for the milk? Can we lost that the Boise? But this week we played for the oil Campbell, San Diego State. All right. Well, at least your car will be running. I mean, you won't be able to survive. Last year, and they want to get it back and other big game forces week it. All right. We'll talk to you believe the oddsmakers though, what's a line fifteen. Running games going into way. Sandy. I don't I don't know. I you know, what you all. I'd say is I'll take the under because your defense is outside of that. Well, I think they got worn down. They were on the field. A lot and Boise. Ran the ball significantly in the second half against this. Yeah. That Madison's pretty good. But here was seventeen three and they scored three touchdowns on three straight drives. And I'm just like so I had to do like Dino. Sometimes you'll leave a game for a little bit not long enough that you miss the whole. But you missed like a stretch. And like I looked and I thought it was a mistake. I'm like what wait a sec that can't be released? I could turn the channel watch sage Bosco go rob fifty six six. All right. There you go. So that was what was that playoff? First round second round one. Oh, five to six so far to rounds. All right. So when will you get modern mortgage this week who oaks Christian oaks, Christian Clawson? Yeah. You're laying forty six. I'm sure they get. Number one player in the country. I do they will you have probably like seven of the top twenty at that. We'll see then if we win the next week is the rematch with modern day championship. There you go. All right. So we gotta get past. Oh christian. And then and then it's modern day who they play this week, corona centennial any chance. Okay. So we're we're gearing up. Excellent program to I mean, if they beat him I wouldn't be shocked by the water day a win if oh, Kristian if oh Christian beat Saint John Bosco. You're not you're not coming on next week. Are you they're not going to beat se show, but you won't come.

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