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Lane traffic is heavy at deposit Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three yes with electric all wheel drive brings us the four day WBZ accu weather forecast let's check in with meteorologist dean devore all right we're done downgrading the temperatures a bit but we're still going to be above average for early March temperatures today up in the low to maybe even some mid fifties so bad so quickly that clouds more roll in from the west here it will cloud up a bit tonight as temperatures drop down the upper thirties tomorrow a lot chillier a gusty wind off the ocean varying amounts clouds temperatures low to mid forties at the water's edge downtown you go inland and maybe one of those weird days were Worcester is a little warmer than we are in the heart of downtown Boston up near fifty their showers tomorrow night into Friday morning and breezy milder with temperatures approaching sixty in the afternoon cooler breezy sunny skies for the most part Saturday high fifty three and then even chillier despite sunshine temperatures staying in the forties on Sunday have accu weather meteorologist E. devore WBZ Boston news radio forty four in Boston in New England you need the winter ready Toyota Prius liftback with available electric all wheel drive the Toyota Prius is the most fuel efficient vehicle equipped with all wheel drive the Toyota Prius the official vehicle of the WBZ storm center on the ring central news line at seven fifty five this month WBZ cares features the course foundation serving those with special needs for fourteen years on the south shore I am a sister to a wonderful older sister who has autism and a couple of things that make a difference that's alright.

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