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And we're back now on the reliable sources podcast on your host, Brian Stelter? And I'm talking with Randy freer. He's the CEO of Hulu one of the biggest streaming websites on the planet. I asked him about his rivals you been mentioning Netflix. And some of these other rivals. When we say, Hulu is at twenty five million subscribers that sounds really big until we compare it to Netflix. And I wonder first of all if you dread the questions about an afflicts and second how you avoid feeling like you're in a shadow that Netflix casts over the industry. The good news in that is Netflix is and has been a leader in this done a really excellent job at leading that process. So it's we'd much rather. Follow a great company. That's doing interesting things. Then follow something that's messy. So we've been able to as I said row with current and they're still out ahead of this race on on some level. So that's been okay. And from a consumer standpoint, we don't think it actually will end up being choice between Netflix, and who we think that on one level. I think people win when they wake up and go, so wait a minute. I can get I can get Hulu on demand and live. I can make choice of with or without ad and net flicks. Right. And I get that for let's call it sixty dollars. And I have all the television ever made that sounds like a pretty good bargain versus what was previously. Let's pay one hundred dollars have. Five hundred channels. Let me see if I can navigate what's on. I can't really figure out how to use the on demand. So I think the next few years it into the next decade. You know, it's going to be all about how you serve consumers in a way that makes sense. And I don't think there's going to be one single choice. So yes, we compete with everyone for time and for customers, but at the same time, I think the, you know, the general industry there's gonna be more than one winner. Here's none zero sub game some game in the process. Of course, that brings us to CNN's parent Warner media and Disney planning these big streaming services for later this year right now Warner media owns ten percent of Hulu and Disney owns thirty percent. And through the pending Disney FOX deal Disney will acquire another thirty percent of holy sixty percent of on do. We know what that's gonna look like. I mean, do we know what? Disney plans to do when it owns sixty percent of your site today. I don't have any insight as to what? Going to change or how they're thinking about what that looks like everything that we've been led to believe, and we've been told that we're gonna continue to operate, and we'll have responsibility store other minority shareholders. So that we make sure that we do that. So they've been super supportive all of our owners have been supportive of our investments, they want to invest more. They wanna grow faster they want to do more. So I think we're in really good shape as it relates to our position in the industry and our position for however are ownership ends up changing, percentage wise, and there's been talking about one or media selling its ten percent stake. I worked there. I don't know. What's going to happen? Do you know, do you know, I'll let no know I don't know what's going to happen. I think I think you know, AT and T mentioned in their analysts day that they were willing to sell. We are. No, we don't have any conversations going on with him at this point in time. But we'll see what the future holds. And how do you view one or media's plans and Disney's plans to launch Disney? Plus and heaven knows how many other streaming services are out there that are that are going to launch. I know that it's on zero sum game. But people aren't going to pay for twentieth. Are they what's the what's the ceiling on this world? Yeah. I don't know what the ceiling is. Here's what what I believe in. What I think I think Hulu is in an excellent position to be the base and foundation for somebody's choice of TV in the home, and then like HBO.

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