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West Side Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio eight eight and morning after plenty of new Yorkers caught up in the blackout well they have their own stories to tell I was on the a train going downtown on the D. and the the train slammed to a halt I was stuck on it for an hour that man told me he didn't realize what was going on until we got up above ground and saw the lights were all out a deli worker in hell's kitchen on ninth Avenue told me this morning the register was down the ATM was a working the fridge was out but they tried to help women since ours is ally Turkey analysts estimate does like some cool sounds we still sold in because people are hungry I mean they had nothing to eat they couldn't cook nothing even the gas was out so yeah try to help out instead of closing up mayor de Blasio governor Cuomo they're calling for a full investigation to figure out what exactly went wrong make sure to stay with us here in W. C. B. S. for more on the blackout throughout the hour nine thirty three A. W. CBS president trump promised nationwide ice raids that will start today which is led to protest over the weekend in several major cities CBS correspondent Carter Evan starts our coverage on this story from LA large scale deportation actions are not uncommon at most don't receive this kind of publicity this one is getting pushed back from cities with large immigration populations like San Francisco everyone is guaranteed certain rights under the constitution whether they are in this country illegally or not in Los Angeles sheriff Alex via new wave has advice for immigrant families keep their doors shut and ask for a search warrant and if they don't have a war then don't over the door meanwhile undocumented migrants already in custody along the border are being held in overcrowded detention centers Democrats took a tour of the same facility buys president Mike pence and several Republicans rat yesterday the Democrats can't characterize the facility up a little bit differently than a vice president pence did on Friday more on this from CBS correspondent a call Kelly people's.

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