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Because it's so small you can walk anywhere that you want and not get lost like we could. We didn't get lost so I love the fact that it's gorgeous any European capital. I've been to but it's so small that it super accessible I other than you know. We're comparing somewhere like Vienna or or places like that. That are also jaw dropping beautiful. It's just a miniature version of that. I'll take it because I'm a generous person. I will concede to the fact. That Lubiana is more beautiful and quaint than Zagreb Zagreb. It is a cool city. We were there for one or two nights. It's Nice. It has some beautiful architecture but having that river and the pedestrian walkway on either side of it in. Liliana is something absolutely gorgeous. As I like to say or stunningly beautiful. Whatever it is it is however I mean. There are so many more cities in Croatia. That are sending in my opinion. Because you've got. We've got nick which we already mentioned. And even while it is a little bit overrun with cruise ships. Coming in and out. It is in my opinion the most beautiful city I have ever seen. And it's it's also small. Then you also have these other medieval cities where every and it just feels like. You're living in a different century while also just being on the coast so you have split which is Gorgeous Diocletian palace which is one of the oldest Roman ruin. That's preserved you can walk through it all. There's lots of fun restaurants shops and it's really gorgeous and it's right there on on the coast where you can have the biggest ports in. I think the biggest port in Croatia isn't split. You can take the ferry to all of those gorgeous islands that I have mentioned so many times. You've also got Makarska which we did a road trip. I mean talk about road. Tripping is one of my points as well. Croatia is one of the coolest road tripping countries. Because there's so much coast you can. We drove from Zagreb down to split. We stopped a way off the way apple. Vj Lakes but we drove from Zagreb to split. I mean that drive was not so epic however split down to Dubrovnik is gorgeous. We stopped Makarska. The very first time that we did that. Talk about a beautiful Queen Little City. Oh my goodness I have the picture hanging up in our house. I loved it so much. Then you also have the drive on the Pelvic Peninsula did Korcula and then we drove from Kortua down. Yeah you rolling your eyes because you know. I'm winning this one. I mean it's all coastal drives by the C. You Know No. We drove through the mountains as well again not the Alps but the rockiness of them juxtaposed up against the does see. I mean seeing mountains. That's everybody's dream. That's why like Slovenia. Could you got the Alps? You got real else or not next to see. I mean we have the mountains right there. I'll be there a little bit smaller than the Alps. A lot of bit smaller. They're still striking next to the Ocean. Like the city's just. Kinda go up and that is just stunning to me. So you've got Makarska Dubrovnik Split Korcula. We've got revenge in in history and the northern part of of Croatia. There's just so many gorgeous places to see now. My heart lies in the domination coast. That's where it's at for me but history is also you know it's it's it's a cool place to be issues okay. Dalmatian coasts is my faith one of the things that I love about Savina and Lubiana specifically is the fact that you are so centrally located so people don't know where SELENA's I don't blame you it again size of New Jersey here punches. Well above its weight creches cool but it gets pretty remote like when you get down in Dubrovnik and you get down split like you are starting to get very far from anything else. Obviously you have the water on one side your Bazi on the other side so you can get the Sarajevo. But you're certainly a long way away from anywhere else in Europe and then you sit in Slovenia and you say wow right to the West is Italy. I could pop on over to Venice. Milan right there. I could hit up Switzerland. Variously only co OP in Austria boom. Vm Sows Berg. I'm in Bratislav. I'm up in Budapest. Let me go up to Prague any of these areas. You're you're sitting at such a central point of Europe especially of that region of Europe which is considered. You're basically right. It's funny because they call themselves Central Europe right. You're basically right in between Western and Eastern Europe. And it's such a hub to get anywhere that you want to go so that you could sit there. You could take the motorways very very European saying the motorists there or you can just hop on a train and you can get to any of those big cities and they right at your doorstep. Where if you're going from Croatia you're definitely going to have to go and get on a flight or you're gonNA take a really really long train ride to get to any of them so for me. The accessibility to the rest of Europe. When you're sitting there in Lubiana like if you look at a map it just pin it. It's right there next everything else. You can just go anywhere. Your little heart desires including amazing places that we talked about Buddha Paschke sovereign. Even we're not talking about those countries we're talking about Savini. I'm just talking about the fact that you're you get to any of that and you know you want Slovenia's small so you might want to go somewhere else because it's not that big whereas when you're in Croatia you don't need to go anywhere else because you have over a thousand islands over twelve hundred miles of coastline. You've got hiking if you really now. Twelve hundred miles. I thought it was a thousand much. You got stat. Oh sorry no. It's a thousand miles of coastline and over twelve hundred islands. I you know I mean. There's there's so big there's a lot to see and do in this country so there's no need to leave especially when you are applied with good food and and good wine. Are we ready to go? There are we. Are we ready to out? I brought out Vigo already. He brought out in. The world. Enchilada was all finding good. But it's not gonNA sustain you for a whole entire trip. I'll run on July auto all day every day. Well I happen to like a little more sustenance in my life in liquid for actual physical food for Him Croatia. Some of the best wine in the entire world. There's so many amazing wineries both white wine and red wine. I think that people talk about wind. They talk about Spanish wine and talk about Italian wine even French. You Know Champagne what have you? Croatia has so many amazing wineries. And again you can drink wine in these medieval cities. They have wind bars. They also have incredible food. Go ahead saying yes The best meal I've ever eaten was in a very UN touristed remote part of Croatia culture stack and we went to the seafood restaurant there as we drove down the pell Jezek peninsula. It was the best if we ever have. We got the seafood platter for two. It was enough to feed three adults in Mensa. I'm really just amazing. Grilled fresh seafood caught that day. You know by the owner of the restaurant. Who's the fishermen WHO's the chef? It was so delicious like we still dreaming about in talk about it. And that's just one meal I mean. They also have amazing local cheeses Croatian cheeses they have amazing cured meats the same as you can find in Italy but you know Kareishe should does it to it. Has that whole vibe of the local cheeses and the meats and the winds and they do a lot of like the cantaloupe and per Shudo. We've had they're just so good so fresh I love it. It's my favorite thing to eat and that paired with the wine of Croatia I mean I could just I could live there in fact hopefully someday maybe I do live there. Well you know that. I don't have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to fighting against Vittachi. Which is the best meal that we had on record on this podcast of saying? Both of US agreed. That was the best meal that we had in two thousand nine hundred nine so fine. Amazing seafood in In Croatia the Food Lubiana and the food in Slovenia itself. I think has a bit more variety. So they do have incredible seafood. There Vino relay which is right in Savannah we love but they also have a lot of I would say maybe more eastern European influence food as well. So you've got your Barack. You've got your Your meats your shave appease things like that so while there is not a restaurant that stands out at quite as much as Petacci in Croatia. Which is our favorite meal two thousand nineteen. I think that they're that Savini as a whole it's gastronomic influence and its gastronomic Kind of identity is up there with Croatia and I think that there's a little more variety in Slovenia and Croatia. What else am I going to say? I throw on top of that as you've already mentioned the beautiful delicious creamy incredible Gelato at Vigo and Yeah I'm going to say that you know there's some good eating and some good drinking and Slovenia as well may not their own wines not much of wind guy but there is some cool stuff there the last point for me for Slovenia as why it's better than Croatia and this goes along hand in hand with the touristy thing is that Savina is also now cheaper. I'm not going to say much cheaper than Cratia. There are some things that are much cheaper right independent where you are with. The tourist crowds to Creche has come a a rise in price especially for like accommodations and stuff. So if you're going in the peak season not always going to be really crowd. It's GonNa be pretty expensive. I mean we're talking Western Europe prices at this point. It's true we I went there in like two thousand fourteen. I think and it was much cheaper than it was last year when we went. I mean so for me. I'm sitting there saying. Listen it's cheaper get to Safina while still a bit more undiscovered be like the people who went to Cratia fifteen years ago. You feel like you have a hidden jam at your fingertips that people have not discovered yet. I just to me that holds a lot of sway. This idea that there's less people s people who know about it it's a it's a bit under the radar it's a bit of a hidden gem it's cheaper and I just love the fact that Slovenia for being so tiny has everything. I could want a great little city. A little bit of coastline super accessible to the rest of Europe. And some really cool stuff right around. It Lake bled and the Alps right there in a country. The size of New Jersey. So for me is Slovenia. I mean Slovenia is a beautiful country. But for me I love being near the water and twenty miles of coastline. Just is not enough for me and while Piranha is a cute. It'll teeny tiny city. I much rather have my pick of ten plus coastal cities that are like Perran. I mean even more because when you come at the islands in like we were on court. Shula incorporate self has its own little medieval city. When we went to the island of we went to bowl and that was its own little city. I mean there's just so many you could we haven't even seen all of CRATIA. We've been there three times and I just want to keep going back because there's so much more to see and you know as far as affordability goes it is a little bit more expensive than Slovenia but it's still cheaper than the coastline in Italy. The coastline in France. I'm I don't know I mean about speen in in Portugal but it's still pretty fantastic as as for as for affordability. Well you guys have it. I we didn't hold back. We went at.

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