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Weather forecast heading into thanksgiving high today, fifty nine degrees under a sunny sky. That's pretty good overnight low tonight down to thirty six hundred clear sky, pretty much the same tomorrow is be breezy tomorrow with a wind out of the south. But once again, sunny, the high fifty eight on Thanksgiving Day Haganah says weather brought to you by the monarch explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday. That's today with four dollars select bourbons whiskeys located at five seven nine with Douglas in historic Delano. What a great place to hang out. The monarch. Eight forty nine Stephen Ted on K NSS, Connecticut was the first state that made thanksgiving an annual event just for ordinary yearly doing this over the phone. Thank you to Connecticut. Yeah. For doing that. But before it became standard. Thanksgiving's were occasional a formalized. Thanks, George Washington. Basically kind of started the ball rolling on some of that he made a proclamation in the year seventeen Eighty-nine recommending that the state's car out Thursday, November twenty sixth as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer congress met for the first time that year. So they implemented reminding the constitution setting up the government, and how that would work and all that. Then the proclamation framed thanksgiving is a time for all their blessings in getting this new country started. And so they started doing that in seventeen eighty nine that was a one time only deal seventeen Eighty-nine giving thanks for the country starting after that some state governors kept that tradition declared a day of thanksgiving whenever it so happened in those states, but it was never a it was not a formalized date. But then came along the eighteen hundreds and one woman, Sarah Josefa hail started a letter writing campaign. She wanted the last Thursday of November designated at a national day of thanksgiving. This all started about the mid eighteen hundreds. That's what she envisioned and that pretty much what we're doing. She wrote a letter during president Lincoln's first term to the president. And she wrote that letter. In late September. And by early October Lincoln declared a national thanksgiving for the last Thursday of November cool is she wrote a letter to the president. And she got action talking about like a week and a half later. Yeah. And of course, it was in the middle of the civil war. So I'm sure Lincoln thought that is certainly appropriate to do Lincoln called for regularly called thanksgiving's on a Thursday. And then it finally sometimes there were some comings and goings of that. Finally, it got standardized like we know it in nineteen thirty nine when FDR began moving thanksgiving from the last Thursdays of the month. And he kinda put it to the next to last Thursday which enabled a bigger shopping period between thanksgiving and Christmas. And now we've said we settled on the fourth Thursday of thanksgiving of November is thanksgiving now, and we all know it is Turkey day. And that's where we've been since the thirties as God as my witness. I thought turkeys could fly. Yeah. That was forty years ago that hard to believe. Classic w k RPG Lauren, and Steve McIntosh knows the guy that was involved in that event that it's based on zero. Yeah, he worked with that guy somewhere along the line at a radio station of the that is the story of dropping turkeys out of a helicopter. Apparently, there's there's some sort of nugget of real life in that actually some sort of promotion did happen that you just can't be mapped knew that guy. It is eight fifty two we Stephen Ted on K NSS. Hey, are you flying somewhere for thanksgiving? Will there be any empty seats on either side of you don't bet on it? Here's Bill ROY editor of the Wichita business journal the local business update. Hello bill. Hello, ted. Yeah. Are you traveling for thanksgiving airlines are predicting record passenger traffic? Despite the congestion delays are expected to be reduced in Wichita weather supposed to be decent at least until Sunday on time performance has been decent in ears. Eisenhower airports rate they've delayed. Flights has mirrored the national average about nineteen percent. Mid American credit union plans to be in its new Kellogg and Oliver branch within a year work started on the branch, and it's expected to be complete by late summer. New credit building credit union building will replace a branch at eight o four south Oliver. The law company is the general contractor on the project. Richard kraybill is the architect. In Steve Martin's has been.

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