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Constitution for in depth news coverage and two hundred sixty three dollars in coupons i think that's amazing they worked too if you remember to give them to the cashier when you go through the who live in the cities now probably don't recall at least atlanta because there used to be a morning paper in an afternoon paper atlanta constitution was in the morning the atlanta journal in the afternoons right now you just look at your phone and the motto was the atlanta journal covers dixie like the d e w like do the these right okay it's it's it feels early but it's not it's time for you to pay attention to your food plots and this is back into the connection that the controversy if you will the issue about bathing for whitetail deer on private lands all over the state now you can't you still can't bait for whitetail deer owned wildlife management areas but private land you can now i'm not in favor of that because i'm in favor of the hunt but a food plots a different thing some people split hairs on that sort of thing so hey you're feeding the animals by putting in a food plot i mean you know you're feeding animals just like putting out a rule corn no you're not you're not doing that and anyway we'll talk about that so hey here's our old buddy we've got time to talk to him i believe let's talk to our old buddy milton crab apple good morning milton yes sir yes we're doing this morning i've doing really good i woke up early and i'm ready to make radio for a little while sounds good to me you coming in loud and clear up and crab apple okay i'm glad to hear that too as coming in over that'd be radio sure you were talking about this vacation thing yes going on a good vacation or bad vacation okay in one of the worst place man mall crab apple liber state okay we were striving believe it was somewhere up in north standard she's been q years ago in the pouring down rain all no i mean it was raining charge it good and she had to drive crab apple treat where we better find a place in the night we'll we'll finish up tomorrow we can't drive in the rain i should you right i should shall we drove all about a mile up the road and they were up there and they were sign up there motel well we didn't have no kids where this show we figure that place okay well we shopped in there and i went in went up the dish look around me and mock rabble get ruined reservation russian neutrality should well to tell you the truth i do but we need a place to stay show here so okay cater the room we went down there and i opened the door to go in that room i'm telling you stranger ever been in in my life o'neil my goodness milton i wanna know if you can stick around for a few minutes i wanna know about the adult motel can you hold on for a minute i've got to go to a break i reckon show okay if i know how to put this on hold there and we can do it right there this is o'neil with o'neil outside crab apple headed your way when we get back hi i'm dr marian author of elder care made easier did you know long term care is truly a woman's issue on average women live longer than men because of the longevity rate women act as the primary caregiver in our society and often use their own assets to pay for others longterm care needs as well as their own i encourage all women to get started today to protect what they have worked so hard for.

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