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New today. Carport US a new website. New little banner down at the bottom, you know, like they run on TV? Yes, over 42,000. People. Have taken advantage of your service with the car profile. Got P to get new vehicles and it seems like more. I thought it would be more true. I thought I'd be more like 420,000. But we don't know when they started counting. True. Those bean counters. Yeah. Yeah, I watch them. We've also got a search engine. At our website. Our new website we do? Yeah, it showed up. Well, that's pretty sure. Well this morning you said it had everything but no. I said we didn't have a search engine, right? We've got a a vehicle search, though, Okay? It's under find a car. And you will find you can put in all kinds of information there. But the same to remember is if you find a car there. Every one of those. Is that one of our dealerships so you can you can search different listings. You can go. No, you can go certified. You can go regular used. You can put in your zip code. And and and and, uh, you know, it's it's simple, but the thing is, if you're going to be looking for a car, especially a used car back from somebody that you know you can trust and that's one of our dealers. Every car there is at one of our dealers. So there you have it. Let's go to Dennis in Schertz, Texas, then it's welcome. Thank you for holding, sir. Hi jury Think thanks for taking my call. Briefly. This is my situation. I've got a 2016 forerunner. It's a limited motto. It's under 30,000. Miles is in excellent condition. Um, I'll have five have owned it five years this October. I've got one more year after this song. I forgot a prepaid maintenance plan through six years. I've got an eight year extended warranty, so I plan on keeping it 68 or 68 years, but Jury. I want a G X 4 60. Lexus GX forces keys so bad. Um, but I want. I'm waiting for the redesign, and I thought the 2022 Might be the redesign. But then now I'm hearing it might be as late as 2023. It was that we should have had it later this year, but the chip shortages change schedules for all the manufacturers. Um Uh um, It makes me sick to think you're going to miss out on this market for that fault because that forerunner Dennis is that's the hottest. There's two vehicles. That when they go to the auction They Stop the auction. I mean, the price just goes through the roof forerunner. And a Toyota Land Cruiser. Those two Mean dealers. I don't know how they make money on these things. Paying what they pay it. You you'd be shocked at what your forerunner is worse right now. I know what Jerry. That's what makes it harder to wait for the region. No. It's a quandary. And I've got a dealer right now I get letters. I get phone calls like every week. They want it so bad and I can even solo. Alright, probably for more than what they can offer, obviously, but I just wanted to redesign for 60 so bad and I feel like I'm just going to be losing out and everything but if I got 24 60 Lake right now, or wait until the 20 2020 twos come out in October cell And it's not. It's still the same old design. I do have an idea for you. What's that? Sell the forerunner. Lease. Current G x 4 60 for two years. You'll be able to get out in the year. And then we'll know what's going on with the neighbor. What if it comes out and you don't like it? Yeah. Yeah, Another part of the quandary. Yeah, but if you do a two year lease, you can get out in a year, and by that time, things ought to be normal again and you will have been able to take advantage of this market and you can cancel your warranty and your maintenance program and get a refund on the unused portion. So you're not giving that up either. Oh, I knew I could do it An extended warrant. You don't know what to do. Another prepaid maintenance possible? Yeah, sure. Shit. So you can you never used to? I mean, if you had if you're putting a lot of miles and you run through, you know, typical maintenance schedule, You might not be able to, but with miles like you've got on that one. Shoot, man. Let me let me let me give you I want you to put that forerunner. And at this website you've heard me say before. Give me the van dot com slash car pro and see what they'll give for At least you'll know and it'll help you make a decision of what to do. Um, because you're going to be shocked. You need to be sitting down. Uh, for a couple of minutes after you put the information in when you find out what that thing is really worth. On today's market and then flex is a clear like in Houston will so will issue a new G X and bring it to you, then it's I wish Hope everything works out..

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