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And the one with which to Duffy Duffy picks outside for a ball to balls and one strike this time the giants bring backs up to the visit from the year before that you know it's going to work do what picture Duffy with a follow up to shin guard of Ellison roles behind Crawford is two balls and two strikes got a call but here the yard did it stop I think it did stop raining a little tiny drizzle the V. trying to reach for Crawford at the two two pitch is high three to Duffy yesterday with two for five each scored a run here's the pay off Duffy it's a line drive to right we cover the the cat what a great play by previously took a hit away from Matt Duffy with a grimace on his face so here's Crawford yeah let's say it's very pretty good baseball right now he looks so much better so years Crawford Crawford at three fifty seven the pitch and he loves you but any pixies live governor here in fort bend scored a couple runs yesterday he would hello.

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