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Now, go with Aston Hagans worst to sixty one eighty two freshman out of Georgia. Kelvin Johnson six six to eleven the freshman from south dole. Particulars Tyler hero, number fourteen. Six five one ninety five the freshman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nick Richards gets to start with read Travis out Richard six eleven to forty four sophomore from Kingston Jamaica started five PJ Washington. Six eight to twenty eight sophomore from Dallas Texas a guy running for the player of the year in the SEC leading score leaning rebounded from Kentucky. That maybe most telling me gets to the free throw line more than they have. And Rick Barnes has been upset his team as physical is the urban fouling too much TJ Washington get for the line a key component. If you're gonna win on the road that counts of Kentucky in his job. Sister. Kenny. Trusted for the Tennessee volunteers. They'll go with Jordan. Ciro six for one in junior from Nashville, Tennessee. Turnovers. Berkshire junior from Alabama Admiral Scofield another five six six to forty one to see her. Off Alexander will be a four whereas number eleven six eleven to fifteen of senior from Milton Ontario, Canada and the fifth starter number two. Brad williams. Thirty six at junior from Charlotte North Carolina as we said another guy certainly in the running for player of the year. Loosely leads Tennessee, not only scoring and rebounding buddy steals and he only got four shots away in Lexington. I can't stay at enough. Johnny get more productivity for today. It. Steph curry. Early in the game. Head coach Sean the volunteers in his fourth year..

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