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Of sexually abusing a teenager fifty years ago while he was a priest in new york in two thousand and two he spoke at the vatican about removing abusive priests from power probably the beginning of a real consensus that from here on in there is no place in the freezer someone who would do such a thing we get more details on karna mechanics removal from wcbs reporter rich lamb in new york the accusation arrived at the new york archdiocese and was turned over to law enforcement authorities it was then investigated by an independent forensic agency the new york archdiocese informs mccarrick of the allegation and says he cooperated fully while maintaining his innocence the results were forwarded to the archdiocese in review board it found the allegations credible and substantiated the newark archdiocese said it has never received an act that cardinal mccarrick abused a minor but it does say it in the diocese of matai received three allegations of sexual misconduct with adults decades ago two of which resulted in settlements tim lennon is president of the survivors network of those abused by priests issues with him going back to two thousand three with him opposing disclosure of child sex abuse and then in two thousand and six when he was opposing to start reforming the statute of limitations mckarrick says he has absolutely no recollection of this reported abuse and believes in his innocence but says he's sorry for the pain the person who brought the charges has gone through as well as for the scandals such charges caused the faithful with report on religion fred bottom our news radio wpbsa is home but the bears touchdown a new coach a new era in two thousand eighteen catch every exciting moment from training camp to the end of the sea.

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