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FM thirty four year old man was shot in a drive by in west ridge on the city's north side yesterday he was walking in the twenty five hundred block away sure you when someone fired at him hitting him in the arm he took himself to the hospital is in stable condition the mayor of south suburban song village loses the latest battle with the other village leaders sister for Williams was hired as an administrator for Sauk village July sixteenth but sock village mayor Derek Burgess said the move was illegal so he prevented Williams from getting access to the village hall but now a judge has granted a temporary restraining order that prohibits Burgess from interfering with Williams hiring Williams my go to work on Monday to suck village trustees told the daily Southtown they hope the judge's decision would allow the board and the mayor who have been fighting since may when the boards balance of power shifted away from the mayor to now begin a more constructive relationship Terry Cashner newsradio one all five point nine FM Arlington Heights police have released more info about what led to the disorderly conduct charges against a former high school coach and counselor prosecutors have charged just a badge Caskey with four counts of disorderly conduct after investigators say he sent inappropriate text messages to students at Saint vaider high school the daily Herald reports police released information about the text after receiving a freedom of information request of redacted much of the content of the text messages investigators say in addition to the content of the texts they violated school policy which requires staff to communicate electronically with students only through emails which must also be sent to the students parents Jim got us news radio one of five point nine FM thank you heather nice WBBM news time tree twelve anytime anywhere on the radio dot com newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM let's say you just bought.

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