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While iraq uh i've been you're doing squared up i'm so i think that it ought to be mandatory like i think we've got it backwards in menu coming in obama you're still you're making fifty grand a year by coming here you have to be in the gym for nine hours ten i mean what are the only thing that pays people and and doesn't demand of anything we listen to demands but that's just my own soapbox they'd be so never mind that but don't start hailing now leave you i'll leave you guys with these you guys do appreciate is it you know what i'm always talking to my players about uh uh how we handle issues you know during the games uh so i had a situation where the young man who was complaining about my fishing i'm i'm the referee in practice and you're like you really you really are bad official i say that intentional son our battles and issue in practice for reason because when we start playing an sec and doing the season i don't want you talk to officials you understand gonna get cheated into talk you know you or guy staying on i advocated our every time and i'm gonna make this to dc where the team that's going to challenge kentucky in the sec wherever wants thrown in schools out i'm telling you next year alabama's approved offense with the defense neighbors done the challenger for kentucky in the in the sec is going to be the alabama crimson tide role time no pressure on yuko eight sla that's like moses coming down from the mount man no you know what the great thing is if people are saying they kind of stuff did you know maybe we are doing something good and if they're not talking about you and you probably aren't doing anything so we rather read that way.

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