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Is being told there is a way to do that. And it is horrific to look at it. Compare that to something went on with one of the victims of the Amtrak crash. Had her life inexorably changed. We get into that next right now, Tracy toes gonna check traffic for us, Tracy, what's happening out there. The rain building up to the Mariners game. So we've got a crash with a semi blocking the southbound lane. This is on highway nine out near Marsh road drivers encountering some delays there. There's a wreck on the side on eastbound four ten is the approach one hundred sixty six drivers are also running into some slow traffic on northbound four zero five into Kirkland up past the five to two interchange to the bobble ever highway slowing on southbound I five starts from Northgate through the downtown corridor a little hesitant here and there from Boeing field and outside of the Duwamish river curves and working its way into and if not parts of midway right now, the valley freeways hammered between four zero five and heading out to seventy seven and that's just scraping the surface for drivers. Especially in parts of Pierce county. More on that coming up here in about ten minutes. Traffic brought to you by Amtrak is your all access pass to discovery. Play. Laugh, talk, relax and everything in between here you get carried away book early and save up to twenty percent. Amtrak dot com. Restrictions apply. By Cairo radio, realtime traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. In focus. So there is apparently a methodology by which large telling Boeing that they are to look at how to value human life or how how to pay the families effectively for the pain and suffering involved in these two crashes, and specifically I guess the pain and suffering of the people who were on these airplanes and has to do with how long they knew they were doomed. Yeah..

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