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Sol's my biggest complaint because i think it's hard to succeed as a service business especially when you're starting out and trying to grow bigger while i'm going to be able to help you out today shine because our guest today eric anga is one of the masters at growing a content brand to a service business and we might even be able to change your mind on the whole thing so we're very excited to have him on the show today right after this break hey my name is brian gardner i am the creator of studio press the first premium marketplace for wordpress themes when i created studio press i could never imagine that more than two hundred thousand wordpress site owners would use studio press to build some of the most elegant and inspiring wordpress sites on the web and i am not just talking about the numerous large companies that use it tens of thousands of food bloggers podcasters affiliate marketers real estate agents photographers and many more of created some of the most compelling mobile responsive websites using studio press but that is not all to make it easy for you to create a compelling wordpress site we have introduced studio press sites a turnkey simple method to create and grow your word press cite studio press sites includes many of our most popular wordpress themes with unique seo tools and plug ins all integrated on our high performance secure in actively managed hosting infrastructure so when you are.

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