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Pretty that is but i'm not going to say i gotta look this you'll tell me later right yeah okay so if i if i confirm this what you're talking about i'm going to tweet it out later all right at the blaze kief triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three so there's some sponsors to think of if you know you don't necessarily want support somebody who's that cowardly that they pull out of show based on the fact that the host wrote the word wine to describe the musings of a person who was well whining about not getting into college cosmo hurts kids dot com is a mission started by victoria hearst her family's company the hearst corporation actually publishes cosmo it makes really interesting situation but she's not trying to take away their first amendment rights she's not trying to drive them out of business the goal here is to have material harmful to minor laws applied to cause mo like it is other forms of pornography now if you hadn't really considered the fact that cozma is pornography you know some of the wonderful articles that your kids can read if they can have access to this or things like a thirty one mind blowing sex positions for lesbians and then it comes with the wonderful drawings as well so you make no mistake about it sex positions for the lady loving ladies in the crowd where have these been all your life if you want a thirteen year old to wonder that where is that been all my life.

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