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Of others all available to you for free right now by downloading the I heart radio number one for podcast here's a preview of one of our personal favorites this is side house lawyers I'm your host from I heart radio Carlin Marie my full time job is hosting my own morning show on one of six point one kiss FM in Seattle Washington I personally started side hustlers because I was unbelievably intrigued by the amount of people who are following a passion outside of their day job people who are working in their free time on purpose because they believed in something in this podcast we hear the story of the site hustlers as we learn about their successes and failures and we love supporting them because they're so passionate about what they do and some of these people have even left their corporate jobs and turn their side hustle into their full time job this month I wanted something a little different we've got a special series called mom to hustle in honor of mother's day these women have their own businesses while being a full time stay at home mom it's not easy and this episode we learn from Cheryl she's the creator of minority made a jury company based in west Seattle Washington but it is sold everywhere nor the made dot com N. O. R. D. Y. M. A. D. E. dot com Cheryl is a former New York City fashion designer and she was yearning to be creative after becoming a mom she even lost herself at one point and we're gonna get into that Cheryl shares with us how her jewelry line changed her life for a lot of people if you want to do this is what to do and do it do it it's so one of the things I love talking about in this podcast is connections and how I've met people and Cheryl is one of those crazy kind of connections I met Cheryl's products before I met her so I was at a layer in west Seattle the day I also met Shandon who's been on this podcast in and has been awesome supporter somehow slurs and has had a lot of side has those events at her store and I was there with king five and we were shooting a what's trending which aired weekly at the time and we were and this is for NBC and we're filming different things that Chandan had in a layer and she was like you have to wear this necklace this girl's awesome she's a local mom here in west Seattle and her products are amazing and it was this I think I wore Cheryl during the concrete okay yes so I wore the concrete circle necklace on TV and I obviously fell in love with sand and a layer that day and continue going back and always looking at these necklaces from minority made and it was a I remember one is it I'm going to buy this and never normally buy jewelry because I have so much of it and we got all these events were gets gifted to us and I fell in love and just kept buying all of Cheryl stuff so that's why I'm so excited for in here this month because she's a mom hi mom what's really a full time business also it's almost not a side hustle so the way we've connected is crazy we're gonna get more into all the connections that have come out of us knowing each other but I've met your amazing product before I met you which is crazy to think about there are no totally and if you're always wearing I love and ironically not at the moment I was like oh this is so weird that you're in here today and I have it on every day but not right now it's okay Berlin so based off your acts and we all know you're not from America so how did you get here during my undergraduate in Belfast so I was a fine or major and there was this thing called the B. I'd that business education initiative the our people from Northern Ireland with colleges anyway and so you had to apply for it and I got it for business like a one year diploma and so they asked you you get to kind of select work while we thought we could select where we wanted to go of course I said New York which but they sent me to Missouri so it's like a little town literal America yeah Midwest they sent me to a little town called Saint Charles Missouri just outside of St Louis so yeah I I study business for year went back home finished my undergraduate then you know after graduation I was you know telling my paintings in our galleries and kind of working full time as a visual merchandiser and window dresser at a department store I was doing both of those I was like painting on the weekends and working full time and then I was like okay like what else because that it you know I kind of had a taste of kind of being in America and you know even though business was not my thing I was like well how do I get back and it's like I don't have any money hi so I you know obviously I had the money that I was making selling paintings and get my full time job and so I contact my school and I was like Hey I want to come by but can you offer me like part scholarship so I can call a for tuition and like yeah do a masters because I wanted to do a masters in fashion like if I had to do that back home I would have to start like with that undergraduate first one thing you know yeah so they offered me the part part scholarship I literally only because I worked a ton of hours at the president's office at school I probably only had to pay like six dollars out of pocket for masters I worked so hard and I literally whatever's savings I had from like when he saved in Belfast I like to get with me and I give it all to them and then you and then I did you get to New York okay so my my boyfriend at the time was like Hey so if you're starting fashion like and you want a job on fashion you should probably go to New York like you should try to get an internship and you are trying to get out of there that's what I thought I was like what you're trying to you're like you're gonna send me away what is sort of what you gonna do you gonna stay here I was like what and he was like no he's like I think it's like that's what you need to do like what you gonna do after you finish your masters on Mike he's right so I came around to the idea and I was like okay I'm gonna start applying for internships so I applied for light for three internships actually wanted with them was and with Betsy Johnson my professor had said to me don't take that one she will make you sweep the foreign coffee like anything like a smaller place that's going to you really use two and that really need here in it's kind of like teach you all kinds of stuff and so I chose to smaller ones and I got a job out of one which later today so is a smaller contemporary designer was tons of work but it kind of crash during the whole like recession I was the last one when things kind of closed up I was the last one mile out yeah so it was contemporary it was like cotton so it's very modern so it was after that job that you were sitting at a coffee shop right are now yeah so after that job I was like okay things aren't going well here I need to find a new job I was on a visa of course because I was you know I'm not a citizen or anything so they usually last three years so I was like I had a time frame on when I had to find another job otherwise I would have to leave the country so it was really stressful so I moved from their pre side to Long Island City with a friend of mine and I was at a coffee shop working on my portfolio calling recruiters you know making stuff happen and Daniel was right next to me who is now your husband is on my husband it was like literally my first full day long and city I took my laptop to the coffee shop and he was right there he was also worked on his portfolio because he just walked out in his really stressful job he worked in a photo studio in New York and was just like I'm out I'm not so that's how we met isn't it crazy like it's what's crazy good things come of was somewhat bad things like obviously yeah business is about his hearing for clothes and he was so fed up at his job and then you met each other yeah it's honestly it's amazing to look back that's when you really see like okay that was meant to be yeah like everything was mentally and it's like you know people try to kind of change your path you know as you go through life and it's like staying focused and I'm like I'm glad I did because I when I met him and and you guys were did you get married we got my long and city actually and then you after getting married being pregnant you move to Seattle yeah motions Seattle at someone which is crazy which is crazy but honestly it was the easiest thing I've ever done why I out of this whole thing well because we had just we've been in New York for so long we both were kind of just when you're there for such a long time you're just like over stimulated over worked everything's expensive you're just your quality of life kind of heat I don't know what it's like when you find someone you really take a step back and you kinda look at your like what what's our future look like if we haven't run used moving so fast and everybody's pissed off and you're like I don't wanna be pissed off because I persons based off but now I'm pissed off you know and it's like it is kind of toxic it all kind of like it's all just radiance and so you know obviously being pregnant in New York you're getting pushed on the subway like you can get to see it's wrong you know and we both decided like we're just not doing this here I mean Dan took the reins of Mrs like we're we're out here and so he really started look and for a job and we just started packing boxes we didn't he didn't have a job yeah we were already like pack in the kitchen I and it was like we put music on and like it's kind of fun you guys are a little you're meant to comedy I'd watch it yeah it's it's crazy to look back on like what we're redoing but honestly it was so easy and how he got his job and everything like was totally meant to be like there was actually an ad for an internship he really like the idea of a company and he basically was like you don't need an intern like you need a full time person while and here I am and there they go right back to him were like was they were like while the bosses in New York right now if you want to go for lunch yeah and so it was crazy yeah and honestly like after all the paperwork and everything couple weeks and we were just broken a hall and had the cat and the cat carrier and some months pregnant I just hopped on the plane was actually find out of my own so we just are like one person listening you can hear the rest of this podcast and all of its episodes and discover thousands of others all available to you for free right 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