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Finally get those? Oh, I think Matt Mickey got them all out yesterday. Wow. That's great. So everybody's like. Oh, my God, I got that much coming. Yeah. No. We had quite a few people who called us and said the Are you kidding me with this right, you know, and That it did so well, Yeah, that's great. You love the orbit. Bunch of people who called in Have more stuff to put in, including a guy who's got 96 7 and eight bowls rings. You're kidding. Wow, and he will have He has all three of all his rings have the boxes with. Wow, You're kidding. Is that a player? An executive got? Not sure yet. Don't know. OK, alright. Yeah. Okay, we'll hold off. Women listen to what the rings went for. Okay, let's start with the The lowest price, 1 1996. I have 25 beds $20,000. Which is not a bad price at all. But I thought of 1996 would be one of the higher ones. I was kind of surprised with lowest 1991. $32,000 with 38 bids. 1993 $37,000 with 44 bids 1992 39,000 with 41 bids. 1998 and 1997 40,000 each so I was One guy one all picked up your canning. You know what? Oh, my God. Wow. That's so he was wondering if I knew that there would be somebody that would be trying to do that. You know what I mean? At least one guy, but I didn't know that. That's what how it would go. Wow. You're Yeah, there were. I think four of the rings and then shortly after 11 30 or 12 and two of the ring. Ended up going on for another hour. More so when they will remember which which ones were, which, but he must have stayed up and just, you know made Terry got him all the battle it out. You got all those Well, I guess that will be our likeness. Once you know, Once you actually have the other three rings in for February, you can say if they're going individually altogether or whatever so We'll talk about that at the time it Wow. That's amazing. I mean, for what they did. It was It was definitely higher than I would have projected. I thought I mean, it would have a chance maybe to get pretty close to that. But I was really happy to see how well that did it And I know that they're really happy, too. So It's always good. Your designer should be very happy. Yeah, I called her on. Uh, Yesterday morning and and she was very happy. So yeah, that's great. Well, already time for our first break here after the break, John Drummond and Nancy Huggins hold us join us for this week's episode of which ended higher. So he and there will be right back. ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for sports time football season is in full swing, and you can catch all the NFL action with Fanduel Sports Book on Ly, a blue chip casino getting on all the games you love every play every.

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