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See every day. The Newton Fire Department is called in to deal with a unique issue yesterday. BBC's Drew Mulholland fills us in frustrated drivers officials needed to rescue a raccoon that climbed up to the top of the light pole on the mass pike and got stuck many of you probably saying I'm raccoon. Really? Yes, Police had to shut down one lane of traffic to complete the rescue has heard on traffic on the threes with my king west of Newton corner for a little while. Here it was. They were temporary work crew here. They're already cleared out of there. Quick work rescuing a raccoon, apparently. That timing, though this went down at 6:30 P.m. Not good, better write home today, guys, hopefully Drew Mohammed WBZ Boston's news radio. I suppose it was fun while it lasted for you. Of course not the raccoon 803. Let's find out what sort of critters air out there this morning. Probably you behind the wheel right now. I didn't say that. Lori Grandi is here with the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's going on? You just went their way. Still, listen things out there going on four stuff forced off on 4 95 south on it's still tied up on route 28 to 93 over that all started with an earlier crash We had on 93 South and 93. Saban is very slow, especially between Sullivan Square and that Lever connector downright, which is totally tied up and also pushing traffic back on the Tobin Bridge in through the city square tunnels to expect those slowdowns there. North out Expressway still real tight, starting at granted Avenue to was seven hill that that problem there are 95 south on a car went into the guard rail there and that cost another crash on the other side of the roadway, so 95 South on is a toughest on the south inside their Kendrick Street but also North on is affected by getting through Needham. Let's check out the Mass Pike now with Krista Neck in the WBC news, radio traffic copter. Well, Laurie things they're very busy here on the pike. Eastbound Starting background reached 16 and West. Dude, you're gonna find a lot of company heading in toward Newton Corner is that off ramp to Newton Corner? That's all jammed up this morning. So stay to the left. If you're not using that exit, Speaking of exits the exit ramp to rivers straight down to the Allston Brighton stretches also backed up in the pikeys this morning. Part of that is some construction that's happening on the other side of the river in Cambridge on River Street. They've got the left lane taken there for construction. Kristen acting, the WBC news radio traffic copter. Well, we can't really blame the sun, but it is very sluggish on the south on side of the expressway mean lots of volume there between Columbia Road and Savin Hill. Also expect delays is still 1 28 North Mount from 95 to the to Lowell Street. Some slow moving traffic through people be there and 24 North bound between Harrison Boulevard 93. Laurie Grandi, WBC's traffic on the three. Where's the Sun? We're waiting for the sun here in Boston. Some of us have seeing More of it right now. Others like here in Boston under clouds, It's gray skies. Boston looks better in blue. Don't you know 47 degrees right now we'll see some sunshine, especially this afternoon. And when we do.

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