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Marvel story is rooted technical issue. Yeah it really is weirdly her issue with Spiderman in the background. Yeah right so it's it's written by Roger. Stern art by Enrique senior. Interestingly inks by John Ramirez senior. I don't know how often they worked together on. But there's also a credit to their not their wife John Reid a senior life and know that she's a proud wife and mom this issue which is Kinda cool to have to have her daddy's working on the same comic way. No is that people say that any who saying that a lot because he's off to episode off to a weird start but as debut of Monica Abo- great new character. Great new edition. Yeah any mobile universe. I like her a lot for origin. Is Is Pretty Pretty Standard one unit of origin type story origin is a lot less interesting than she is. Yeah like she's a fun character and I feel like they they flesh her out later in more interesting ways than like this origin. I does it matter. Does it come back? Oh also where is kept in Marvel in the modern day? Sutil ramped 'cause like well first. One is does the origin matter it matters. Insofar as it establishes a few details about Monica and her power sets like the fact that she's from New Orleans is somewhat relevant. Obviously the fact that she's an African American woman with this with this power set is something that is new for the moral universe and You know at the comic sign at this point in time in also the fact that she like her her powers develop as a result of basically a radio explosion that gives her like basically she can be radio away way. Romantic waves any electromagnetic energy. Okay right so yeah right. Radio waves x rays so she can travel rate at impossible speeds at one point the vendor for mark like she she puts quicksilver to shame type thing and she's like she's Kinda got these godlike abilities is the is the end result. Yeah so Yeah one of the coolest things about her. That will get fleshed out as we go on. I don't know if we're GonNa read in the club is that she's kind of. She doesn't immediately. I think this is something that registered is good at. He did this with Tigra before I related there. Where it's like a newfound superhero who just got their powers and his like. Wow I'm a superhero. Now this is fun. How do I deal with this like you do? What do I told my parents like? What do they think of me like that? I have all these huge. You know new powers right. It is not this kind of like Ironman making the suit. And then it's just like this is my destiny. And it always has been like immediately transitioned into it like there's a nice transition period where they kind of get their feet under the and they you know are a little star struck by being introduced into the avengers and excetera. I think we have both of that. You're GonNa get a nice double dose of that with both Captain Marvel and she hulk in the eastern written vendors from this era where they are both new to the team and they add. Yeah exactly what you're saying like freshness of Italty In interest in superhero like curiosity around things that is great honestly like it's so refreshing compared to sort of the stodgy woe is me Ironman it particularly Armand of this time but captain. Thor often can fall into that trap as well As far as is this character around today absolutely Monica Rambeau is going to bounce around a number of titles throughout the eighties. She's not going by camel. Although certainly that legacy has not been lost. I do think he's really funny. When I think it's I remember. The vendors are Spiderman. Ask her first. But they're like you know what's your name. And she says a Captain Marvel than I think it's Ben Grimm actually and like not unless you're back from the dead. It's not because obviously we read the death. Captain Marvel only a couple of years ago. The graphic novel But she's like oh did someone already was. There are already a captain. Marvel like she just spotted up for that name with no awareness of the marvel cre- Warrior. That's kind of a hilarious detail. If an impossible coincidence it is slightly it is one of the weird things about her as why is she named Captain Marvel? Did they just think that that name? Has you know like cultural cachet. It's it's one of the character right is like no. It has nothing to like. You know it's not. His powers passed on to a new person. It's no has nothing to do with the old character. It's literally just the name in. The name comes from like when she saves a bunch of people on that oil rig that was exploding some random guy Like I think occasion Guy French Cajun. Guy Is just like Mon copd on copy. John Ma Varlamov. All like yeah. It just randomly says it. And that's how the name picks up. Is that fair enough? I'll your put on the spot. You Got Big Rocky Bangor in your face asking you what your name is. I'd go with the last thing occasion. Guy Said to me to sure fair enough yet is definitely very strange. Legacy on BS. Monica is around if not super prominently today She knows she's a erstwhile vendor. She's a part of one of my favorite series ever which is called Nextwave Which obviously will be exciting when we get there. I think that's her her shining moment for sure But as it stands you know yes. She's the the brand new soon to be Avenger on the scene. That kind of that kicks off in this spidey annual Spiderman for his part like you said he's a supporting player really throughout all this and kind of a kind of a creep slash kind of a loser. What is happening here? It starts out with him just being like Ooh Mama look at woman. What a stunner she said. Dialogue is not that far removed from what the internal nobles are and he's just like. I didn't know my spider sense got set off by ladies being pretty. Well I better follow her and he even says at one point like better fall from a distance so she doesn't think I'm a pervert. He is stalking her so hard and eight and eventually sort of flips it to like. Oh I better protect her and then of course she get set up and like a mugging situation but really. He's just stalking her. Because he thinks she's pretty And then at the towards the end of this comic like boneheaded Lee Punches out like knocks her unconscious and all the vendors come running around and they're like no what are you doing. She's not a threat to us so punching first asking questions later and stalking ladies from a distance. Not your best look. He's like Oh no do they. Kill the second captain. Marvel I one just So all that I mean. Is there any else? You WanNa say specifically about the annual although we're going to of vendors issue no no no. I lied just like this character. A Lot I think she's going to be a fun addition to the avengers an I do like the you know. She has these kind of insane powers but she's not immediately graded them. She doesn't know how to use them. She doesn't quite know what they are. Which I think is fair in it. Is that like you're saying that interesting exploration where in okay so she joins up with the avengers and you know one of the things we see early as like. They're running tasked with her. Like Hey can you? You know? Hit these coordinates of satellites up in space like actually Kinda like that Avengers like taking taking the train. Yes dressed in grey with put it on. Weather's getting a feel for like what can you actually do? A two twenty seven as is really all kind of getting to know the team a lot of them Kinda conversing and stating where they're at in the marvel universe in the kind of the big thing is building towards is The trial of Henry Pym. So hang him as we find is currently in jail now. The last time we saw him he was hitting his spouse an threatening the vendors he's not in jail for that actually Although I think you know fair get a passing mention to hitting Janet here that is like literally it is mentioned in passing once. They don't show they showed this like extended Like flashback to hank pins like entire journey here and that that gets you know like he says like after all this is like. Oh yeah and I was even so angry. I hit Jim. Can you believe it and then moves on? It is really like they are kind of trying to like sweep that under the Rug Jews A I. I wonder I wonder how much of it is. Immediate discomfort you know with the event I don't think that's an unfair point. I do think the way I was reading. 'cause there's a lot interactions here with. Janet van Dyne who is now the leader of the vendors right in. It's been in issues terms. It's been like fifteen issues sense. The incident where hang slaps her And it's She is you know trying to pass both the dissolution of their marriage and also recognition of domestic abuse right and just like a very troubling Complicated scenario and deaf. It's clearly a challenge for her and I think that is portrayed a I don't know about well but it's definitely portrayed a complex. I think which is important like at times. She is carrying out her duties and is the leader and is just like you know putting on quote unquote a happy face. I guess even though she's clearly going through stuff but she's also it's also not just like hiding it or bottling it all up like there's a blend of of an emotional response from Jan where it's like. She feels like human being in a way that she hasn't while sure you know and she also capable that pep talk where it's just like in the mirror like she's I think. Sue Storm with having lunch with her sue. Ann Richards Very Dr to use called Richards. That's such a new moon. You just said I was doing Richard since I almost called him. Read storm because I was like sue and Reed Storm Which honestly. He should've taken her last name. other be so much better. They're having lunch. My Wife's last name was historic. It would not have been a question. The storm bright. I'm either a weatherman. Door porn star or the coolest no and or the coolest okay. Yeah Yeah they say like. Oh you know. She's puts on this happy-go-lucky face but you know like I can tell she's kind of hurting and she even has to go like look in the mirror in the bathroom and can take a breath and be like you know like I am emotionally strained. This is hard but I also can do it like it is not this. Kind of like just shutdown. John like I color Jane to. Shove it down John and like you know. Forget all this happened. She's just saying like I have to move on with my life. Keep going I have to bounce these things. Yeah it does. It feels like very. It feels respectful of Janet Generally I mean my issue I mean I guess we're moving into this whole arc because we read to twenty seven. Yeah I mean let's do you. Certainty to twenty eight through to thirty are Is the trial hank. Pym thanked him on trial for. Actually the trial is he was set up by head. Ovilla. Lynn believed to be dead. A longtime Enron neck technically skipped over way back in the astonishing tales days. I think At least as far as the security Marvelous your list goes but he. Egghead is just. He's a smart guy with an egg shaped head. That is that is the extent of Ed. He has in these issues. Put together like kind of a masters of evil sinister six kind of thing which is fun since the extent of Egg. Man The that's an issue titled the extent of Egg Man. He's got the beetle working for him here. He's Got Tiger Shark. He's got shocker right. It's a nice collection of sort of list delist villains. I really liked this team Because they earn your typical masters of evil but they are all working to basically convict and ruin. Hank pins life again By they try to break him out of the trial while he's on trial for crimes committed frame by ag man. They then break the massive..

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