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But I I think I don't even I I think that's actually predates daring fireball. But in that era, I would go to the one in New York because it's a short train ride from Philly. You know, I forget why I went to MacWorld expo in San Francisco, but it was a couple of years into daring fireball. But in you know, the MacWorld expo anybody could get an expo pass. I think it was like twenty five bucks or something like that. So you just get there and walk around the show floor, and you know, a bunch of people would come from around the country and you'd see people in the in the racket. But there weren't really answer Larry events either. Right. Like you'd go out to dinner with people. But it's like everything was really just the conference and expo right? And then apples stuff was always. So I it's just apple right? And you know, it's it is to me. It's just a very clear indication of the difference between the Steve Jobs era and Tim cook your at apple like. Apple may well have moved WWE seed to San Jose if Steve Jobs were still around, but that they wouldn't be hosting and getting space for all these community events. Like that's something that apple I it's definitely a change that there are a little bit more. Little bit less insular. I I don't know how to put it, you know, the Dave really embraced this though, you know, like with the layers conference that Jesse char runs coincident with with WW DC, which is just such a great idea to have a design focused conference next to this big developer conference because you know, certainly a big part of the very same community that developers are a part of the n even which is a developer conference that runs parallel. And usually next right? However, I would say, you know, having attended both. I think MacWorld scratch in its that WWE still doesn't for users. You know for our listeners the MAC power users. Yeah. A lot of times I hear from listeners say should I go? And I I don't really know that there's a reason to go. If you just like to use apple the shame of it is how expensive it is. It is. So unbelievably expensive, it's an and moving into San Jose hasn't helped at all if anything somebody was. Slacked among we were looking at at hotels for the best guess for when WWE she's gonna be this year. I mean, there's two I two weeks June. It's certainly going to be one of them and the hotel rates are higher than ever. Now. Part of that is probably because apple has a block at all the downtown hotels. They've already you know, I it's already gotten. So messed up though, it is the hotel situation is is is unbelievable. And but you're looking at it's like three hundred fifty bucks a night for like three and a half star hotel. It's crazy. I mean, you go to Disney for less than that. I I'm gonna do Airbnb this year because I was looking at like the hotels a figured it out. Like last year was the last year, you could get a decent price this year. Yeah. It's like it's like you could buy a MAC book pro or stay there for five days, you know, one or the other. Yeah, that's definitely a huge downside at one that I hear from people like, hey, we'd like to come come out. But you know, it's it's the cost prohibitive, and there's nothing to do about that. I guess I mean apple can't I can't go around into that tells me. Okay. You got to charge less for people know if they come with. With a macbook pro you got charge them less. But it sure is a shame that it knocked so many people out where you know, macaroni is other events that used to be around San Francisco's expensive. But maybe it was a little bit less than what San Jose's become because in San Jose there. Just so fewer options to stay places and fights harder. And all that stuff. I forget what year it was. But it might have been after the financial collapse of two thousand eight sounds about right. Was when the intercontinental in San Francisco went up right next to Mosconi, and it's a really nice hotel..

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