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Crawford, This is a major defeat for President Trump. He was trying to block the Manhattan district attorney from getting his tax returns and potentially other Financial documents. The district attorney, Cyrus Vance, was investigating potential hush money payments that the Trump campaign made to see the women including Stormy Daniel. But legal scholar Laurie Levinson says the president's legal team can make new arguments in a lower court. What that means is that that New York injury can get Trump's tax returns. That doesn't mean that the tax returns will automatically become public, But they can be used for the New York grand jury and down the road, they might become evidence. In a case in the other case, House Democrats were blocked from Mr Trump's financial records by the lower court could have a further say on that. CBS News Special Report. I'm Steve K. Finn. A high profile drug bust takes millions of dollars of illegal marijuana off the streets and slams the brakes on an illicit growing operation. W. ELS. Tom Peruvian has the story. $7 million in high grade pot is off the streets after the Louisiana State police narcotics and violent crimes task force. Rated three growing operations Wednesday. The raids seized over 5000 plants capable of high grade marijuana and multiple pounds of processed marijuana on its way for sale. To grow. Houses were in ST Tammany Parish and another found in Orleans Parish for suspects have been arrested and booked into ST Tammany Parish jail on multiple charges related to the illegal narcotics operation. People aren't the only ones who've been packing on the pounds during the pandemic. 33% of pet owners say their pet has gained weight during the quarantine, according to a study out of the state of Washington Vet School assistant professor of community Practice Dancing, Welbourne says pets are receiving extra TLC from their owners. They're obviously giving more treats to their pet. So we need to be mindful of that and know that if we want to treat our pets, we need to give appropriate treats and also be mindful of how often well then recommends knowing the appropriate daily caloric intake for years. Dead, then take 1/4 portion of that and kibble and feed it to them throughout the day. W W ELSE. Kevin Gallagher reporting on Wall Street, the Dow down 369 points, the NASDAQ down three S and P 500 down 28 Oil, down 95 cents a 39 95 a barrel..

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