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It's a safe fallout, right nine First warning forecast got a few morning clouds out there, but Lot of sun later on up to 90 humidity down to overnight Clear skies 66 Tomorrow son returns 91. It's 71 now. 700 wlw 700 wlw Alright segues sports. What about them? Reds? What they do. They got beat Mikey 10 to 6 yesterday. Two out of three ain't bad. That's not too bad Harrison Bader Dylan Carlson homer to highlight a seven run fourth inning. Cubs are the cards avoid a sweep. Sonny Gray took the lost three and a third innings cure high eight runs Falls to two and 67 Game road trip against tonight. First of four up against the Cubs. Wade Miley up against Kyle Hendricks. 6 10 with the RL carriers inside pitch and the Uh, sports talk and the Kelsey Chevrolet Extra show after the game. White Sox beat the Brewers last night in Milwaukee 31. So the Reds are 6.5 down to the Brewers in the N L. Central. Boston held hitless into the eighth inning. They had a five run rally to beat the Yankees yesterday. 54 Um Let's see what else Shohei Otani home run number 35 Angels beat the Twins Astros over the Rangers. 3 to 1. That's the Rangers 12th straight loss. Ouch! Trade deadline, of course, is this week this Friday. Padres apparently acquired All Star second baseman and outfielder Adam Frazier from the Pittsburgh Pirates last night for prospects. Frontier League the Florence Y'all's R 34 19, Mikey. I like that to get them on the air. They beat the Joliet Slammers 5 to 2. They had to come. Bangles reach agreement with, uh with a defensive end Sub Sam Hubbard. Four year $40 million contract extension at the Olympics Edge. What? Zach Apple is a gold medalist. He helps the United States wins gold in the four by 100 M swimming relay. Let's see. Um, two time Olympic Defending champion Katie Ledecky gets the silver. Australia wins the gold in the women's 400 M freestyle. First Lieutenant United States Army Amber English Wins gold in the women's shotgun. Skate. Vincent Hancock wins gold in the men's skate. Russia leads the United States during Olympic qualifying in gymnastics. What about the women's three x three? They call it on basketball. You watch any of that? Uh, no. We don't have that many channels at home. The 12 2nd shot clock. It's a fast sounds pretty good. It's a half court 12 7. Oh, yeah, I've seen highlights of it. You put that up a lot anyway. Fun looking game. Put that onto the NBA only being there an hour with you with you. That that, uh see what else? Yeah. Oh, and United States, one of Golden women's taekwondo. Let's hear it for us. Thank you. We can shoot. Nobody protects.

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