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It's not easy people I do for you. Carry over there, I don't you to play it again. Bright. Yeah. Because you felt bad or something felt. For being me. A. Bunch of stations on today. You WanNa, hear about new stations. Yes. Absolutely. Bash, she started last week and they got the Joe Pags show and they heard Simon's in her. Mike. So where's this Joepags Guy? Great. Show. Thanks Katie just great where those guys. Katie. In Albuquerque New Mexico. I started last week eight to eleven pm there we love being on. We love being our. Thank you today Etr. Knoxville Tennessee seven to ten PM. W. In Owensboro Kentucky Ten PM to One am thank you appreciate you on an Elko. Nevada. Starting today. We're live right now in Elko, Nevada taking his live and three to six PM Pacific. Time. They also get into Utah a lot. So that's cool and starting tomorrow because they're getting hurricane today and I mean is important joepags I guess. Wilmington North, Carolina starts tomorrow. The wave. V Oh? Yeah. We just we just gobbled them up man. Playing around no way we're playing around. Playing around here. So so yeah, really glad to have you all on. Thank you for taking the chance and keep in mind. is going to be going to take a little getting used to, let's just be honest. Dying girl. That what's going to happen is you're going to wonder what is this guy? Hasn't talked about anything yet really, and he's just yet. It gives them a hard time, but she's And who's the guy with the soft voice I always get. Sure. TACO, and they're like the kid. Polo tourneys, Mike. Just as loud as the rest of us, he speaks often we do. Then Sam is my daughter who's also the booker in the producer and the and the callscreener You'll get used to it more of a morning show field. Feel in the afternoon slash evening, but I promise after a week. Maybe two one guy in Tucson. took him one year. To figure it out. Let's say two weeks. It's on the usual. It's two weeks. AGO Two weeks but. Most scathing email, you're ever going to see about how horrendous the show is embarrassed. He was that he was also Italian like I am last Paglia. Rouleau. We go with pags and one year later. He said he just want to apologize I am so sorry. I can't miss a show I now get. So let me just tell you if you don't get it. You'RE GONNA. Get it. Just hit you in the face like a like a pie. You're going to get. To all those station. We appreciate you coming on. We'll over one hundred, thirty affiliates now were growing every day I did a party a little while ago. You cannot tweet me about it. Feel free to go to twitter and give them a hard time about about suspending me. I can't tweet, go to parlor, make sure that you go and post there and tell me what you. You thought about it, and let me go to the phone lines. So should I, or should I not delete the tweet same on staff says, I. Should. I should delete it some really big names that you know that I'm not gonNA say think delete it some others say no sticks guns and don't delete it because the phone line see what you think a jet. Hey I, want to welcome all the stations to the big. Town joepags. So thank you, say. Maybe I'm living the dream I had a week off last week, and then twitter suspended. Me You go. You know they suspending me what I got passed. Didn't say I say nothing I didn't even even get a chance to get the liberals yet, and they suspended me like what's going on? Here definitely, there is no freedom of speech on twitter either say what twitter wants to. You're in trouble Asia, you know that. No Town Hey Idiots ran fast 'cause it's been a week motown world is Hey. Is Joe pags. Mean as joepags look at the Joe Biden it. Going to do a debate is equal and let the media debate. A debate. His people are telling. You don't do a debate and there for some reason acting as if. Trump would be unfair with him. No trump would actually be able to answer questions and Joe Biden wouldn't be able to. So the media will protect him. I don't think they're going to debate. They should and it's it's customary to do so but I think he's GonNa. I, don't think he is. I don't think he is because, and then if he do boy you talking about TV, that Reagan is going to be better than the baseball football. All of them I'm not watching. I can't believe these people taking a knee making millions and millions of dollars in the greatest country, of America, and he's troops Dat for the idiots to be making this kind of money and they're gonNA take a knee. About George Floyd. Motown I ball. Come on, and this is a joke. We watch it. Indian, these Democrats sit back burning the city up in the city burned black folk suffering. Didn't they WANNA tell us? Oh, black lives matter really a nine year old got children Chicago this weekend again. Here we go. Again, Motown, where does that they're gonNA get. So, he's in New York too when they go. Up and get them idiots added. Related Death Corolla virus, really. What about? Your your phone's breaking up some Aj. I. I love you. I'M GONNA. Let you go the phone's breaking up. But thank you for calling in today. We love you. Aj calls for those who don't know he calls every Monday and then again during the week, if he gets riled up about something. And he's always spot on and he's right. The organization black lives. Matter is a hate America Group. It's a group that was founded by Marxists. They're admitted. Marxists there against the nuclear family that we have here in the West with father mother and some kids there against them, our American values. They're a pro LGBTQ XYZ Organization for some reason, I thought it was about black lives and you've got big sports all wearing these t shirts and they're they've got it on the basketball court. They've got a they've got it on the PITCHER's mound and Major League Baseball. And those sports are suffering, we've actually got numbers will get a little bit later on but but let me get back to it. you to know if you delete the twin joining us, I tweeted Hashtag, hydroxy chloroquine works, and have been suspended from twitter for six days I appealed it. They haven't responded whatsoever to the appeal other than saying we received your appeal summer saying, delete the tweet and then get back on others are saying, don't lead the tweet. What are you should let me back? Let me say hello to Giselle in Saint Louis Giselle. What's going on? Hi. Hi How are you doing? What's happening? I, think. I think you absolutely should not believe that tweet because this is not about being able to get a twitter account, you can start a new twitter account, but the point is that needs to stay up there because somebody has to stand up for the truth in the face of the rate one-sided censorship. In and I, agree with what you're saying. But here's the problem with starting a new twitter account that account has one hundred thousand followers and it's verified. So it tells people who follow me that it's really me. If I had another twitter account, I could make some noise and tweets him stuff, but people would not know that it's actually me and that's the issue. Well, did I have the best idea free call it the real joepags? Bro I can I can knew that I can get around I. Don't know that I'll be able to gain that many people Giselle appreciation. I'm leaning towards not to leading the tweet obviously for six days I have not deleted the tweet but at the end of the day, it took eleven years to get just shy of one hundred, thousand.

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