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It has amassed more low enriched uranium than permitted under its two thousand fifteen new deal with world powers drawing a warning from president Donald Trump that Iran was playing with fire a former U. N. ambassador city fears president trump is rewarding Kim John on despite the fact that he has done nothing on Dino Kane governor bill Richardson says my worry is that we are legitimizing came John on we've given him three freebies and some months and he's done nothing on nukes the comments came after president trump made history on Sunday by becoming the first United States sitting president the stuff before it into North Korea this historic moment took place after the president fired off a tweet to North Korean dictator chairman Kim Jon un saying he would meet him at the border or the DMZ just to say hello and shake his hand Dr John Curtis online column this dot com with us here it was a historic meeting John wasn't really was George I mean you know you couldn't you were just asking everybody which is mesmerized by that I mean look at the data that process that was there basically getting in the way of you know secret service from from Kim Jong moon from trump and from moon J. and I mean and I think that you know tons about processor cache we mowed down and bruised and in the process there was such as one that took place but I think the sooner you know dacite of you know something like Richardson to say what what has been done you know they're damaged the nuclear haven't done anything there was shooting missiles over Japan and their foreign minister if you recall almost two years ago said after you went on that deck a nuclear missiles of the DPRK we're going to hit the United States it was inevitable use the word inevitable that missiles which if you ask there's been no talk of that out over the lake you know since traumas truckers engaging his summitry with can when I was in Malaysia or Hanoi and don't forget George your trump walked out of the this summit in Hanoi basically one of theirs you know one of his negotiating tactics because Kim basically was not appear to be new Cassie promised to do you in Malaysia but the real issue is not the fact that North Korea has spent forty years developing nuclear weapons that's not the issue because there's lots of countries as we know in the world with nuclear weapons the real issue has to do with whether you're our ally or keys or have a peace treaty or they have good relations if that happens that's a lot more secure then worrying about dismantling somebody's nuclear arsenal and I think what you see with with trump and Kim whether it whether you know the opposition party wants to admit or not especially you know leading up to an election year is this man trump with the sheer force of charisma in his personality has managed to tame one of the great last Stalinist dictators in the world that was threatening the world with his new now he's no longer cast and he's no longer threatening anybody he's saying that that he could potentially develop a freeze on nukes and and and sign a peace treaty with the United States now Richardson doesn't think that's progress because no one in the Clinton administration or the bush administration or the Obama administration had any contact really to speak up with North Korea other than just belligerent talk coming from the United States about HIM developing is news well yes they've spent forty years developing their nukes getting help from Russia and from the tri com's and guess what he's got any house yeah and he's got intercontinental ballistic missiles so in my view it's far more important that we have a peaceful relationship with North Korea wait over the idea of D. nuking him I think if there's a peace treaty that's created I think we'll all be breathing a lot easier and so will people in western Europe all over Asia let's follow this story John thank you so much John Curtis online columnist dot com a set of original video tape recordings of the Apollo eleven moon landing that were bought for two hundred and seventeen dollars and seventy seven cents other government surplus auction by a former NASA intern back in the seventies could not raise up to two million dollars when they're auctioned off this month the unrestored on enhanced and on re master tapes are described as the earliest sharpest and most accurate surviving video images of man's first steps on the moon how bout that it's going to hundred seventeen dollars and will sell for two million maybe NASA will fly a drone helicopter mission it's going to cost about a billion dollars on Saturn's moon.

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