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I wrote all of that here. It'd be having drinks at a bar. They're having up and their workmates, not coworkers. That's right. I'm in England when one of them. This dude named Kelly. He starts drunkenly bragging, he has a big mouth charge genuinely bragging, his coworkers that how he had been paid two hundred pounds by one of their co workers to impersonate him and give bloods in his place. Oh, no good old Kelly. You can't keep his fucking mouth Shelly Kelly bragging Bragg Bragg. God bless you. And then at the same time. Yeah. You're the one pint and he won't shut his fucking mouth. You have to pick better than Kelly when you're going to get somebody that's going to have a big dark secrets right by by Kelly, baggage ships, whatever and he'll talk. Okay. Kelly explains drunkenly does friends that the co worker that they all knew had asked for this favor heat Kelly said that he told him that he had already taken this guy had already taken the test for someone else. How to conviction for indecent exposure when he was younger? So now Kelly needed to take it for him. It wasn't. You know what I mean? It's not it wasn't his fault. He's caught up in this insane. It's a circle fraud link. Exactly. That's right. So the co so this worker had doctored his passport like cut out his little picture and put in picture Kelly stupid face and then driven into the test center and waited outside while Kelly gave his blood sample in his place. It worked out like carpool. Mom, just wait. It out there and run right back outside. Don't dilly dally Kelly when you're in there don't go talking about football, right? That's still be like soccer. Yes. Exactly. Luckily, there's a fucking nosy woman at the bar. Yeah. Girl who fucking over. Here's all of this. Yes. And it's like, wait a minute. This is insane. And tells the police about it. Yes, she does. She does highly is promptly arrested by the end of the day. This fucking coworker is also in custody who's a co worker twenty five year old Colin pitchfork. No, that's his name. Okay. He is married to a social worker who had no fucking clue they have two young sons together he had worked at hampshires bakery for over a decade. And here's what it said. The articles despite his habit of constantly hitting on female employees. According to his boss. He was a good worker and had a special talent artistic cake decorations. I mean, so don't fire him. Yeah. Soon. Hopefully, hopefully in the next five years, people will begin to integrate the. Idea that hitting on women constantly coats using your word constantly constantly at work shows. Sign of that. You're not a good guy. There's an impulse control issues. Maybe there's other boundaries us just. Yeah. Europe Crete just creep creep issue. Yeah. He, but also, you know, he had a previous conviction for indecent exposure. He's was the indecent after he was claiming exactly becoming four he was picked up and after reading him his rights the detective asked why Dawson Ashworth and Colin pitchfork, shrugged and replied opportunity. She was there. And I was there. He's just a fucking monster yet, then he gave a detailed he believed in DNA evidence to so he wasn't even going to try to fuck can say wasn't him. Right. He gives detailed a detailed confession to both murders and two other sexual assaults that he had done. He told police that when he raped and killed Linda man, our first victim his car had been parked nearby and his baby son had been asleep in the back of it. Holy shit. That's right. And then night after and the night of dawn's killing that night. He returned home to his. Return to his home in the village of little Thorpe and baked cake. Yeah. Syncing? Syncing immediately. I'm thinking of Paul Hollywood in the great American the great British baking show. Have you watched it? We've talked about how I'm I'm so obsessed with it yet. It's well that comes in actually that comes into play. And I'm just saying how his sponge what that night was it affected by his terrible terrible crimes humanity. Or was he able to get a nice bake twos. I don't know..

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