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Am welcome to New York two fifty one it was awful to get more to the thank goodness two fifty one career high with the flu if they would widen out I would love the white now just to see whichever member of the jets media staff Hey like John Kelly back in the day with you know those shots of him while trump was talking had you know had had a hand in hand together just like following the brown oh god please stop talking look he added that he did know he was breaking any team even though gays was pretty upset well I'm Gacy greeted he bring break it's immoral but the team role should be if you are eliminated from participating by medical staff you may not leave the house to go bowling to one in the morning and it doesn't matter if you bowl with the flu in the same way Jordan plays basketball with the flow it does not matter and it only makes it worse in New York City where you're under a microscope where people see you out at one in the morning bowling in New Jersey and then when your team wins without you and yours way way down statistically them what you need to be and your team is a eliminated from playoff contention prior to week fifteen and about to get their **** beaten nationally by the ravens it makes it worse and all it does is add to the long time listener first time caller vortex yeah it just you know in Pittsburgh he could just show up and then bowling with one of the morning and that doesn't get any track number notice probably out lastly real quick bill Belichick addressed the video tape whatever you wanna call it today once again he was asked about it this is what he had this thing all team the football staff in the coaching staff had nothing to do with what happened nothing so noble is answered a question that's a no involvement in zero I told him to go Mr crap in a statement T. misstatement that Salonica.

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