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In let's fight episode where we pick a random character from an anime game movie coming of cigarette. How we against them in a fight to the deck. But that's no throughout the discussion. We pick three unknown running housi- giving us either amazing or ridiculously stupid powers. Discussions are intense but the entertainment isn't even better get ready. Cause i'm alex will and you're listening to what the school well limited lost time. He did it. Let's five together with louis and mark and they just they ruin our i. I did a few with louis to solo mean louis. Ultra yeah trump. we did I think harangues will you kind of payment on that food. But louis just didn't know how to work with me. And i feel like though we hate each other although we're rivals you will. Although we know we tried to do one on each other we are like the joker and batman. We're only as good as each other flashing. Yeah with that. It's like. I need you and you need sound. We need each right. So let's say let's see what we can do this this time we got. We got an interesting one. I've pre-selected the the character. Random and character that we're going to be fighting is we are fighting. Mammy two shoes. Which is the black lady. From tom and jerry. Just a pair of legs we've stocking. Why fix strong legs. May i add a very big strong hands woman. Yeah i i think i think they They actually removed from the show in more recent years because of the racist kind of inclination on display screen. Bucking the vul- it. What a car to have lushes group of a broom she she smacks come around kicks out the animal. The proper animal cruelty. I think if we put this no serious. I think she's just expected than an average woman who get like she could be the shove of. I think she's he's got feet tricks. Obviously we call on the estimate. I think she's she's just a bit stronger. Embiid more capable An average woman said like she's like a chip black woman. So you don't wanna fuck she. Yeah you can tell she rage. Yeah she's got a woman blind rage where she yes. No-holds-barred like she will go for you so black rage for listeners is when black person taps into the ancestral powers of their ancestors and of that hate and and you know or that kind of pain and suffering that. They've gone through in their lives. Who comes as anger. We could black rage and basically what it means. It's kind of cocaine is the can of reality eb lack woman could probably maybe two or three seconds have destroyed of a black man just but that the power is just amplified of a minimum fivefold defend all black people see for not true packwood descriptions. Yeah we they do. They got a short burst of. Just unstoppable energy. Yes just like you shoot him in the shoulder and they didn't on on that they don't even need it was just the black raging. So that's probably something. Go watch out for me. She likes to find the kitchen and stuff as you might say of bomb. We're not finding a kitchen will. Where are we fighting. We are fighting none other than inside the back cave. Carry the say. Now i might. You said a black when she's when she's lied there's no there's no stopping it. There's no compassion is in for few seconds and his two of us now alarm half black. So i've got enough to cut. If i if i channel in like a house. I'm not trunks equivalent of trunks in this fire off drunks verses kid the kid geeta whereas like she's not like manifesting last superpowers. And but yeah. I think we've got this so far. There's nothing is a big lady. She life smash with a batmobile find rumouring. I'll just hold rotten in back. He kuna bumps got big bum. Isn't it so you'll be. They'll be like a a bouncy castle. Kyrie bounces straight off if off what is fucking fling rough off the one of the platform design. What would be the shove. Emmons fists go from being black. Because he's not even like a young person she's like a lot forty five fifty she's Two guys is being living shit house of her in the face. I'm we're going to get powers. God was going to be house but let's get house. Well who's gonna go first. You can have the policy. I all right so my first how we get three pounds each ladies and gentlemen my first power of the match is i get to add to pows to myself. So how's this first round so my first of my extra teapot. This is gonna be one of those episodes of we absolutely just like we. Just go mental. Let's get my i. I found in my first house on my first. One is cpas strength and speed captain. America's strength with seagulls our running stock johnson super enhanced rage pound for basically my second power of the first rounded. I pick to new powers for myself. I have to remove one from my ally for my own from from me So i'm going to hold onto that. And i'm going to do and the hold of two extra pounds of the yen has to remove one of yours while many gonna use. It helps us in the fight. I want us to be as max owned power as this is. where would. She's just going to be a puddle of gu want her to have like a quick while one is to kill off quickly so i don't want any bars or anything. Not everyone loves her the parts so on a curve quickly. It's possible at an use. The back computer to find that batman villains and light. Just kill them. Do things allotment didn't do like obama doesn't wanna kill relied on killer. I was going to go find them and kill them. We can decide this and find cat women and despite Somebody's empowers to actually take advantage over. So i think for. It strategy is to fight. Mummy to shoes is is quick. Because we don't want to activate her powers to me like. Yeah pleasantville let's get. You actually got power to act a broom and she's not afraid to use it so fucking.

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