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Always throw you're always behind it's like that year jon kitna the lions quarterback years ago he had that ridiculous i know they're four thousand yards season or something like that kid bad the lions socks they were terrible but they were behind in every game i just kept throwing the ball and big you got always garbage times that's the racked up the thought i know that's a quarterback i realize that it's different for a wide receiver but if you look at the numbers the final game of the year for the browns the replay pittsburgh and prior what over thousand yards receiving inactive and he says he wants to stay in cleveland and that's great that's what you're supposed to say that's right out of the sport's cliche handbook but remember this guys already passed around he's already had the gypsy life he spent time with the raiders the seahawks briefly the chiefs briefly the bengals and he didn't become a wide receiver prior until twenty fifteen a full time wide receiver until twenty fifteen and so he's got the no magic lifestyle down pat the final word of this i said there's a thirty five percent chance the pryor's god is not going to get the franchise then the real litmus test year is when the phone starts a ring that's probably are you run a few times with illegal tapering but let's say the green bay packers call and say hey we'd like to bring you to lambeau field and play it would aaron rodgers or that the philadelphia eagles a come over to philly we need some help at the receiver position the ravens the rams there's numerous teams that you can connect the dots with darrelle prior it is more probable than not even with the i'd still in favor the browns keeping prior because the amount.

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