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Women wearing these extremely tight out and that's rebellious comes from ballet was sort of body art and that it has become obviously this we look at now is higher yeah which i think it is yeah but in its when it first started that's that was the appeal was not was you know imagine if you're around like the elizabethan times you don't get a lot of opportunities to see angle yeah and now of a sudden you're seeing women dressed much as they are now in the ballet performing on a stage you know moving their body so beautifully you can imagine that that's another example of sort of going both ways you can appreciate it for the art but there's also a lot of people appreciating it for the i can't either yeah anyway i think it's one of those really interesting about this movie than it doesn't try to answering those questions but doesn't shy away from them ever yeah and there's another moment in the movie to which i thought was really interesting which i thought was the filmmakers being like we can't do much about it in this movie because of the period but i think we least need to address it at one point and that's the scene where there's an errand ball that that ends up going to the side of the field and there's a group of like black spectators watching and this woman comes up picks up the ball and tosses it over gena davis head like missing the cut off man and the throws like a perfect strike to the catcher and then like she has like take her glove oxy's like how man she really rolled up all while hard and she gives a little nod and i thought that was a great moment that they put in martin smart.

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