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So this one had a little bit of a revamp since Serbia's national final back at the beginning of March. What you think of this? Oh, so one thing I picked up during the week that I found very interesting and just thinking about how we're thinking about the pre parties Nevena is actually skipping believe London to get married, which is a great excuse to not go. Yeah. But it's also really weird one because it's like, you would think that would be circled on her calendar. Conflict here when you check when you check your planner and like, I get it. You maybe weren't expecting to become your nations entrant in the middle of wedding planning. But life was her both up, but that has nothing to do with the song. Like, this one has grown on me the more. I listen to it. Especially now that they revamped it before I think I had said that I really like the way this builds and the way that it's through voice, and that's still very much true. I feel like there is a lot in this semi final that feels very strong and this one feels a little bit more towards the middle. But I still really love to see this one squeak through in like eighth or ninth. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Yeah. I think this one in the second semi-final, it would be way more of shoo-in, whereas this one they're just so many entries that are just hugging that middle and pretty much anything below third place is the bubble at this. Yeah. And what makes it so tricky being the bubble is I keep finding myself with a lot of the. Entries this year. Just being like, I don't know what to do with the song. Like, it's fine. It's not it's not earth shattering. Yeah. It's not earth shattering. It's not transcended. It's there's not a lot in the semi-final were listening to and be like, yes. This could potentially with like ten of these songs slowing through. Yeah. Going through. I would love for this to be one of them. Although one thing that gives me concern is I feel like what we see in the video on YouTube right now, which is their national final performance is about what we're going to get in the final staging wise. Yeah. I I don't see them doing too much. I could see them adding like a couple of instrumentalists behind her. Adding a couple of I could see them throw in like a couple of contemporary dancers behind her. I don't even know if they do that. Because I don't really think of contemporary dancers with Serbian entries. But I don't know that could be trying something new like this song feels like they're trying something new in a way where it's just like it doesn't have that like really hard finish at three minute. Mark the way that a lot of. Serbian entries have had in the past. So like it's kind of losing that I- density marker for the song. I bone objective the song goes through. But I don't think I'm going to be too troubled if it doesn't. Yeah. It's so middle of the road. Yeah. It's middle of the road. And I'm I mean that in a good way. But I think this is not the particular semi final to be middle of the road. There's such a large margin of error. I guess that. It's just it's just encompassing. So much of the field is like, yeah. This could really go anywhere. And it may just be something that it depends on what the weather's like that days. Like, oh, it's a rainy day it might do better than if it's a sunny day. You know, so yeah, it's there it's a good power ballot. And we're done we're done. We've said everything moving on a next we have Lavinia, which is Zala Kraus's and Gosper Santi with savvy. Win. This one came out. It was in a slew of things where we were just like. Wow. Your vision is a mood this year of those entries. This is one that I think is stuck with me the most like it feels very much like my thing. But I'm also very very cognizant right now that it is my thing in a way that I'm not sure it will be everyone's thing at Eurovision. Like, how do you feel about this one this one more than Serbia? I do not know what to do with the song. It does have a hooky nece about it where but it's kind of droning hooky nece. And I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing. It's definitely not one that like I'm singing along to or like doing chair dancing while I'm listening. Yeah. I agree with you. That's kind of drone. It's thrown in a very pop way. Like, it's not like dirge looking at how we ranked things on this one. This one was very high for me. And it was just under the bubble for you for of not qualifying. And I think that's about right? 'cause I don't know which way this is going to go this one it might come down to staging a little bit just because I found there. Stage performances Slovenian final to be very high school prom with a lot of drama attached to it. But not really not like in a dramatic way. Just being like teen angsty, and yeah that doesn't make for super compelling television. Especially to make your imprint in three minutes or less, right. But what's interesting for me? Is that? So again, we just got done talking about how Serbia we think that what we see is what we're gonna get. This is one where I do of want them to refine what they did. But the thing I liked about this long is the intimacy it feels between sort of the player and singer here where I want it to feel like the those are the only two people in the world like maybe some very simple lighting effects going on kinda him. Just kind of I keep thinking of the x acts in relation to this act, and the excess were very very good about having very simple, very minimal videos for their first two albums where I think this would fit in with that same style as you were talking about the intimacy. Aspect? I'm thinking of the end of Lithuania's entry last year where it's it was a singer. And her husband standing on the bridge if they can capture that mood and expand upon it. I I think that would work really really I want this to. Yes. The stage smaller than usual this year by just want it to feel just very intimate very close just these tomb. And I think that's something that clever camera work could accomplish. Because I think that was part of the issue with the Slovenian finalists like it was a lot of just like shot. Basically. Yeah. Yeah. And if they can have it the much more close up focused, and maybe focusing on the is like that might pull it together or like finish making the sale. Okay. And I could probably get more behind that. But yeah this. This one's definitely a mood. And I feel like I should like it a lot more than I do. And again like it's not that. I dislike it, I just haven't found it to be transcendent or particularly grabbing just yet. I feel like it'd be really negative this totally. It's just that middle of the field thing that middle of the field feel now that we are at the middle of the field. We're going to start with the second half of the first semi-final and going back to the beginning of the bet that puts us at Australia with Kate Miller high keys zero gravity. So

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