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Deciding deciding You know making decisions that affect people's lives is you know it it it wears at your so You know you're deciding who gets in and he'll get and who and who doesn't when like you said you're trying to fit Two thousand divorces into twelve thirteen hundred stalls and you gotTa make a decision here and there so You know just so many factors you. Look at the loyalty factor. The guys that have been with you for a long time. He tried to take care of Meant a chance to win down some some of the horses. That People having the luxury you know if they they've got twenty stalls and really only twelve of them ready to run right now and there's a four and various various pages of readiness Maybe now is the time where you say. Hey you know what you gotta take three or four of those and you know. Keep them on the farm so we can get some race. Ready Horses inherited the Right now it's just such a tricky situation. It's such A. It's a hard thing to grasp the outside that when you have fifteen hundred stalls at a racetrack and it's hard sometimes to get this sort of management not all fifteen hundred or ready to run tomorrow you know they're they're they're in various phases of readiness and now some already have run tomorrow. We'll be ready in thirty days and some will be ready and you know forty five to sixty not to give stalls for horses. That are too far out but you know they have to get ready that catch twenty two while you're not ready. Well I gotta get to the race stuff theoretically well. You're not ready so you can't get to the racetrack. So there's just a fine line in there and he gets to know the people and who who's Clo- telling you the truth and whose horses are are going to fit who's going to run and and so it favors the people that that that get involved in re in the racists Safe at some run more than others and at this point you know your your word. Those people that help you out through the years whether they're.

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