Oklahoma, Vice President, Mike Pence discussed on Lee Mathews


This morning. More gas and a pushback from the state Capitol. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott in the cake. Okay, New center, and this is Oklahoma's first news. Right now, The warmest will be for the rest of the day. Our forecast is coming up. The state Health Department reporting another 19 Cove in 19 gets in Oklahoma and another 1500. New cases more than 1900. People are hospitalized. House Minority Leader Emily Virgin of Norman tried and failed yesterday to require House members to wear a mask will at the state Capitol, she says. It sends the wrong message that Governor Kevin States executive order applies only to Others to other amendments brought by Democrats were blocked. That would have removed gender pronouns from house rules and that would have allowed virtual public comment during House committee meetings. The Statehouse yesterday formally elected Republican Charles McColl of a token to serve a third term is House speaker. Called said afterward that one priority this session will be their support education in Oklahoma. We're going to work on big education reform this year in a way that is equitable to all parts of the state. With the rules or urban Good policy works everywhere in the state of Oklahoma, You said Other priorities will include expanding high speed Internet in rural areas, improving healthcare and helping businesses recover from the pandemic. Vice President Mike Pence, preparing to count electoral votes and facing pressure from the president, Griff Jenkins reports in those Jobe. Tensions are surely going to rise even more with the war, not victory over Leffler, who's one of the three senators leading the challenges today. Now. Pence's problems started hours ago in the president. Tweeted this. If Vice President Mike Pence comes.

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